fukkink_lont: Does training matter? A meta-analysis of caregiver training...

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A review of 17 experimental studies published between 1980 and 2005 on the effect of specialized training on the competency of caregivers in childcare.




A data.frame with 78 rows and 30 columns.


id_exp integer Unique identifier of the study
yi numeric Standardized mean difference between the control group and
vi numeric Variance of the effect size
Journal factor Publication type (scientific journal or other publications)
Setting factor Setting (center-based care or family daycare)
Integrated factor Whether the training was integrated into childcare practice
Supervision factor Whether supervision was part of the training
Scope factor Scope of the training (narrow or broad)
Location factor Location of the training (one-site or multi-site)
Curriculum factor Fixed curriculum
Control factor Alternative treatment for control group
Assignment factor Random assignment or matching (at the level of the individual caregiver or childcare center)
Train_Knowledge factor Explicit focus on knowledge
Train_Skills factor Explicit focus on skills
Train_Attitude factor Explicit focus on attitude
Video factor Use of video feedback
Design factor Single group, or two-group experimental design
Pre_Post factor Pretest/posttest design (yes/no)
Blind factor Was a blinding procedure used?
Attrition numeric Attrition from the experimental condition (percentage)
Pretest_es numeric Pre-test effect size
Self_report factor Self-report measures of caregiver competencies versus ‘objective’ test or observation by independent observer
DV_Knowledge factor Test focused on knowledge
DV_Skills factor Test focused skills
DV_Attitude factor Test focused on attitudes
DV_Aligned factor Test aligned with the content of the training (yes/no)
Two_group_design factor Single group, or two-group experimental design
Trainee_Age numeric Trainees’ age
Trainee_Experience numeric Trainees’ working experience
n_total integer Total n at post-test




Fukkink, R. G., & Lont, A. (2007). Does training matter? A meta-analysis and review of caregiver training studies. Early childhood research quarterly, 22(3), 294-311. doi:10.1016/j.ecresq.2007.04.005

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