Man pages for metagear
Comprehensive Research Synthesis Tools for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis

abstract_screenerA GUI screener to quickly code candidate studies for...
browse_DOIOpens a web page associated with a DOI (digital object...
chachiA small tribute to Chachi.
covariance_commonControlGenerates a sampling variance-covariance matrix for modeling...
effort_distributeAssigns title/abstract screening efforts to a team.
effort_initializeFormats a reference dataset for title/abstract screening...
effort_mergeMerges multiple files that had title/abstract screening...
effort_redistributeRedistributes title/abstract screening efforts among a review...
effort_summaryProvides a text summary of screening efforts among the...
example_references_metagearA collection of bibliographic references
figure_addManually add/detect points to a scatter plot figure.
figure_barPlotDetect and display all bar plot objects.
figure_detectAllPointsAutomated detection of plotted points from a scatter-plot...
figure_detectAxisDetect an axis from a figure image.
figure_displayDisplays an image plot.
figure_displayDetectedPointsDisplays detected points on figure.
figure_displayDetectionsDisplays the detected figure objects.
figure_extractDetectedPointsExtracts data points from a detected image.
figure_readReads/loads a figure image from file.
figure_removeOutlyingPointsRemove outlier points from a figure.
figure_scatterPlotDetect and display all scatter plot objects.
figure_splitPlotSplits a composite figure that contains multiple plots.
figure_transformByColorsTransforms RBG figure into list of binary images.
figure_transformToBinaryTransforms figure to binary image.
figure_writeSaves/writes a figure image.
impute_missingnessProvides a summary of missingness in a dataset.
impute_SDImputes missing standard deviations in a dataset.
isPDFEvaluates whether a file is a PDF document.
Kam_et_al_2003_Fig2An example image of a scatterplot figure
Kortum_and_Acymyan_2013_Fig4An example image of a bar plot figure
MA_effectsTableGenerate an ANOVA-like effects table for a meta-analysis.
metagear-packageResearch synthesis tools to facilitate systematic reviews,...
PDF_downloadAttempts to download a PDF using a DOI link.
PDF_extractImagesAttempts to extract all images from a PDF
PDFs_collectAttempts to download PDFs from multiple DOI links.
plot_PRISMAPlots and creates a PRISMA flow diagram.
random_dRandom generation of Hedges' d effect sizes.
random_missingnessRandom generation of missingness in a data frame.
random_NRandom generation of sample sizes (N) for study outcomes.
random_ORRandom generation of odds ratio (OR) effect sizes.
random_pairedNRandom generation of paired sample sizes (N) for study...
random_rRandom generation of correlation coefficients.
random_RRRandom generation of log response ratio (RR) effect sizes.
replicate_MetaWin2.0Replicate meta-analysis results and summaries from MetaWin...
scrape_bibliographyAttempts to scrape/extract bibliographic data from Web of...
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