Man pages for metaplus
Robust Meta-Analysis and Meta-Regression

AICAIC for metaplus object
BICBIC for metaplus object
cdpCDP meta-analysis data
exerciseExercise meta-analysis data
logLiklog Likelikelihood for metaplus object
magMagnesium meta-analysis data
marinhoMarinho meta-analysis data
metaplusFits random effects meta-analysis models, using either a...
metaplus-packageFits random effects meta-analysis models including robust...
outlierProbsCalculate outlier probabilities for each study.
plot.metaplusProduces forest plot for the studies together with the...
plot.outlierProbsPlot outlier probabilities.
summarySummary of a metaplus object.
testOutliersTests for the presence of outliers.
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