Analyses with the Maximum Entropy Theory of Ecology (METE)


Fits and plots macroecological patterns predicted by the Maximum Entropy Theory of Ecology (METE)


Package: meteR
Type: Package
Version: 1.0
Date: 2014-01-04
License: GPL-2


Andy Rominger, Cory Merow, John Harte

Maintainer: Cory Merow


Harte, J., Zillio, T., Conlisk, E. & Smith, A. (2008). Maximum entropy and the state-variable approach to macroecology. Ecology, 89, 2700-2711.

Harte, J. (2008). From Spatial Pattern in the Distribution and Abundance of Species to a Unified Theory of Ecology: The Role of Maximum Entropy Methods. Applied Optimization pp. 243-272. Applied Optimization. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, Berlin, Heidelberg.

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Harte, J. (2011). Maximum entropy and ecology: a theory of abundance, distribution, and energetics. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK.

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