tem.corr: Bridging the singularity for higher order asymptotics

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Bridging the singularity for higher order asymptotics


The correction factor \log(q/r)/r for the likelihood root is unbounded in the vincinity of the maximum likelihood estimator. The thesis of Rongcai Li (University of Toronto, 2001) explores different ways of bridging this singularity, notably using asymptotic expansions.


tem.corr(fr, print.warning = FALSE)



an object of class fr


logical; should warning message be printed? Default to FALSE


The poor man's method used here consists in fitting a robust regression to 1/q-1/r as a function of r and using predictions from the model to solve for q. This approach is seemingly superior to that previously used in spline.corr.


an object of class fr, containing as additional arguments spline and a modified rstar argument.

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