Man pages for mi
Missing Data Imputation and Model Checking

00mi-packageIterative Multiple Imputation from Conditional Distributions
01missing_variableClass "missing_variable" and Inherited Classes
02missing_data.frameClass "missing_data.frame"
03changeMake Changes to Discretionary Characteristics of Missing...
04miMultiple Imputation
05RhatsConvergence Diagnostics
06poolEstimate a Model Pooling Over the Imputed Datasets
07completeExtract the Completed Data
allcategorical_missing_data.frameClass "allcategorical_missing_data.frame"
boundedClass "bounded-continuous"
categoricalClass "categorical" and Inherited Classes
censored-continuousThe "censored-continuous" Class, the "truncated-continuous"...
CHAINSubset of variables from the CHAIN project
continuousClass "continuous"
countClass "count"
experiment_missing_data.frameClass "experiment_missing_data.frame"
fit_modelWrappers To Fit a Model
get_parametersAn Extractor Function for Model Parameters
histHistograms of Multiply Imputed Data
irrelevantClass "irrelevant" and Inherited Classes
mi2stataExports completed data in Stata (.dta) or comma-separated...
mi-internalInternal Functions and Methods
mipplyApply a Function to a Object of Class mi
multilevel_missing_data.frameClass "multilevel_missing_data.frame"
multinomialThe multinomial family
nlsyVNational Longitudinal Survey of Youth Extract
positiveClass "positive-continuous" and Inherited Classes
rdata.frameGenerate a random data.frame with tunable characteristics
semi-continuousClass "semi-continuous" and Inherited Classes
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