Man pages for mixchar
Mixture Model for the Deconvolution of Thermal Decay Curves

component_weightsAccessor function to extract mean weights
deconvolveDeconvolves Thermogravimetric Data
fs_functionFraser-Suzuki function for a single curve
fs_mixtureFraser-Suzuki mixture model
fs_modelNon-linear model using Fraser-Suzuki mixture model
get_weightsCalculate weight quantiles
inflectionFunction to determine x-value of peak < 500 K
juncusThermogravimetric data for Juncus amabilis
marsileaThermogravimetric data for Marsilea drumondii
model_fitAccessor function to extract model fit
model_parametersAccessor function to extract model parameters
objectiveThis function evaluates root mean squared error of a model
param_selectOptimise parameters
plot.deconDefault S3 plot method for decon objects (derived from...
plot.processDefault S3 plot method for process objects (derived from...
print.deconDefault S3 print method for decon object (derived from...
print.processDefault S3 print method for process object (derived from...
processCalculates the derivative rate of mass loss of...
rate_dataAccessor function to extract processed dataframe
rmseCalculate room mean squared error
temp_boundsAccessor function to extract selected temperature bounds
three_peaksFunction to convert inflection point to logical argument for...
weight_quantilesCalculate weight quantiles
wt_componentCalculate weight single component
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