Man pages for mixedMem
Tools for Discrete Multivariate Mixed Membership Models

ANESResponses from 1983 American National Election Survey Pilot
computeBICCompute the approximate BIC
computeELBOCompute a lower bound on the log-likelihood (ELBO)
findLabelsMixed Membership Post-Processing
gmv_thetaPoint estimates from Gross and Manrique-Vallier 2014
mixedMemModelConstructor for a Mixed Membership Model Object
mixedMem-packageTools for fitting discrete multivariate mixed membership...
mmVarFitFit Mixed Membership models using variational EM
permuteLabelsMixed Membership Post-Processing
plot.mixedMemModelPlot a Mixed Membership Model
rmixedMemSimulate Mixed Membership Data
summary.mixedMemModelSummary of a Mixed Membership Model
vizMemMixed Membership Visualization
vizThetaMixed Membership Visualization
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