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Aerobic soil degradation data on 2,4-D from the EU assessment in 2014


The five datasets were extracted from the active substance evaluation dossier published by EFSA. Kinetic evaluations shown for these datasets are intended to illustrate and advance kinetic modelling. The fact that these data and some results are shown here does not imply a license to use them in the context of pesticide registrations, as the use of the data may be constrained by data protection regulations.




An mkindsg object grouping five datasets


Data for the first dataset are from p. 685. Data for the other four datasets were used in the preprocessed versions given in the kinetics section (p. 761ff.), with the exception of residues smaller than 1 for DCP in the soil from Site I2, where the values given on p. 694 were used.

The R code used to create this data object is installed with this package in the 'dataset_generation' directory. In the code, page numbers are given for specific pieces of information in the comments.


Hellenic Ministry of Rural Development and Agriculture (2014) Final addendum to the Renewal Assessment Report - public version - 2,4-D Volume 3 Annex B.8 Fate and behaviour in the environment https://open.efsa.europa.eu/study-inventory/EFSA-Q-2013-00811


## Not run: 
print(D24_2014$ds[[1]], data = TRUE)
m_D24 = mkinmod(D24 = mkinsub("SFO", to = "DCP"),
  DCP = mkinsub("SFO", to = "DCA"),
  DCA = mkinsub("SFO"))
m_D24_2 = mkinmod(D24 = mkinsub("DFOP", to = "DCP"),
  DCP = mkinsub("SFO", to = "DCA"),
  DCA = mkinsub("SFO"))

## End(Not run)

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