d = getTaskData(yeast.task)
# drop some labels so example runs faster
d = d[seq(1, nrow(d), by = 20), c(1:2, 15:17)]
task = makeMultilabelTask(data = d, target = c("label1", "label2"))
lrn = makeLearner("classif.rpart")
lrn = makeMultilabelBinaryRelevanceWrapper(lrn)
lrn = setPredictType(lrn, "prob")
# train, predict and evaluate
mod = train(lrn, task)
pred = predict(mod, task)
performance(pred, measure = list(multilabel.hamloss, multilabel.subset01, multilabel.f1))
# the next call basically has the same structure for any multilabel meta wrapper
getMultilabelBinaryPerformances(pred, measures = list(mmce, auc))
# above works also with predictions from resample!

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