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Dictionary of Performance Measures


A simple mlr3misc::Dictionary storing objects of class Measure. Each measure has an associated help page, see mlr_measures_[id].

This dictionary can get populated with additional measures by add-on packages. E.g., mlr3proba adds survival measures and mlr3cluster adds cluster analysis measures.

For a more convenient way to retrieve and construct measures, see msr()/msrs().


R6::R6Class object inheriting from mlr3misc::Dictionary.


See mlr3misc::Dictionary.

S3 methods

  •, ..., objects = FALSE)
    mlr3misc::Dictionary -> data.table::data.table()
    Returns a data.table::data.table() with fields "key", "label", "task_type", "packages", "predict_type", and "task_properties" as columns. If objects is set to TRUE, the constructed objects are returned in the list column named object.

See Also

Sugar functions: msr(), msrs()

Implementation of most measures: mlr3measures

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