Defines functions mboFinalize2 mboFinalize

Documented in mboFinalize

#' @title Finalizes an mbo run from a save-file.
#' @description
#' Useful if your optimization didn't terminate but you want a results nonetheless.
#' @param file [\code{character(1)}]\cr
#'   File path of saved MBO state.
#'   See \code{save.on.disk.at} argument of \code{\link{MBOControl}} object.
#' @return See \code{\link{mbo}}.
#' @export
mboFinalize = function(file) {
  assertCharacter(file, len = 1L)
  opt.state = loadOptState(file)
  state = getOptStateState(opt.state)
  if (state %in% getOptStateValidTerminationStates()) {
    warningf("Optimization ended with %s. No need to finalize Simply returning stored result.", state)
  setOptStateState(opt.state, "term.custom")

mboFinalize2 = function(opt.state) {
  mbo.result = makeOptStateMboResult(opt.state)
  opt.problem = getOptStateOptProblem(opt.state)
  # save on disk routine
  if (getOptStateLoop(opt.state) %in% getOptProblemControl(opt.problem)$save.on.disk.at || is.finite(getOptProblemControl(opt.problem)$save.on.disk.at.time))


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