Man pages for modeldata
Data Sets Used Useful for Modeling Packages

ad_dataAlzheimer's disease data
amesAmes Housing Data
attritionJob attrition
biomassBiomass data
bivariateExample bivariate classification data
car_pricesKelly Blue Book resale data for 2005 model year GM cars
cellsCell body segmentation
check_timesExecution time data
ChicagoChicago ridership data
concreteCompressive strength of concrete mixtures
coversRaw cover type data
credit_dataCredit data
cricketsRates of Cricket Chirps
drinksSample time series data
grantsGrant acceptance data
hpc_cvClass probability predictions
hpc_dataHigh-performance computing system data
lending_clubLoan data
meatsFat, water and protein content of meat samples
mlc_churnCustomer churn data
oilsFatty acid composition of commercial oils
okcOkCupid data
parabolicParabolic class boundary data
pathologyLiver pathology data
pd_speechParkinson's disease speech classification data set
penguinsPalmer Station penguin data
SacramentoSacramento CA home prices
scatMorphometric data on scat
small_fine_foodsFine foods example data
SmithsonianSmithsonian museums
solubility_testSolubility predictions from MARS model
stackoverflowAnnual Stack Overflow Developer Survey Data
tate_textTate Gallery modern artwork metadata
two_class_datTwo class data
two_class_exampleTwo class predictions
wa_churnWatson churn data
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