Man pages for mondate
Keep Track of Dates in Terms of Months

addAdd numerics to mondates using day-of-month logic
Arith-methodsMethods for Function Group Arith on mondate Objects
array-methodsArray Methods a mondate to a Data Frame
as.difftimeDifftime with units Months and Years
as.list.mondateConstruct a list from a mondate
as.mondateAs.Mondate Method
c-methodsMethods for Combining Mondates
Coersion.from.mondate-methodsCoersion Methods for Mondates
Compare-methodsComparison Methods
cut.mondateConvert a mondate Object to a Factor
diff.mondate'diff' for package mondate
difftime-classClass "difftime"
displayFormat-methodsMethods to Access 'displayFormat' Property
format.mondateFormat a mondate
funcNULL-classClass "funcNULL"
matrix-methodsMatrix Methods for Mondate's
misc-methodsMiscellaneous Methods for mondate's
mondate-classClass "mondate"
mondate-methodsCreate an instance of the mondate class
names.mondateAssign names to a mondate.
print-methodsMethods to Display a Mondate
seq.mondateMondate Sequence Generation
subtractSubtract numerics from mondates using day-of-month logic
Summary-methodsSummary Methods
timeunits-methodsMethods to Access 'timeunits' Property
year-methodsUseful Methods for Class mondate
YearQuartersFormatFormatting Functions for mondate Objects
z[-methodsExtraction Method for Mondates
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