mosaic: Project MOSAIC Statistics and Mathematics Teaching Utilities

Data sets and utilities from Project MOSAIC ( used to teach mathematics, statistics, computation and modeling. Funded by the NSF, Project MOSAIC is a community of educators working to tie together aspects of quantitative work that students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics will need in their professional lives, but which are usually taught in isolation, if at all.

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AuthorRandall Pruim <>, Daniel T. Kaplan <>, Nicholas J. Horton <>
Date of publication2016-07-29 19:07:11
MaintainerRandall Pruim <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

adapt_seq: Adaptively generate sequences in an interval

aggregating: Aggregating functions

aggregatingAux: Aggregate for mosaic

aggregatingFunction1: 1-ary Aggregating functions

aggregatingFunction1or2: 1- or 2-ary aggregating functions

aggregatingFunction2: 2-ary aggregating functions

ashplot: Average Shifted Histograms

as-xtabs: Convert objects to xtabs format

bargraph: Create bar graphs from raw data

binom.test: Exact Tests for Proportions

Broyden: Multi-Dimensional Root Finding

Calculus: Derivative and Anti-derivative operators

cdist: Central portion of a distribution

chisq: Extract Chi-squared statistic

CIAdata: Return a dataset based on the CIA World Factbook

CIsim: Compute confidence intervals from (multiple) simulated data...

clustering: mosaic tools for clustering

coef: Extract coefficients from a function

columns: return a vector of row or column indices

compareMean: Compare means between 2 groups

compareProportion: Compare proportions between 2 groups

confint: Confidence interval methods for output of resampling

cross: Factor cross products

cull_for_do: Cull objects used with do()

defunct-fetch: Defunct functions now in the fetch package

deg2rad: Convert between degrees and radians

deltaMethod: deltaMethod has moved to a separate package

derivedVariable: Create new variables from logicals

dfapply: apply-type function for data frames

diffmean: Difference in means and proportions

do: Do Things Repeatedly

docFile: Return the path to a documentation file in a package

dotPlot: Dotplots

dpqrdist: Distribution wrapper

ediff: Lagged Differences with equal length

evalFormula: Evaluate a formula

evalSubFormula: Evaluate a part of a formula

expandFun: Expand the left-hand side of a formula

factorize: Conditionally convert vectors to factors

fav_stats: Some favorite statistical summaries

findZeros: Find zeros of functions

findZerosMult: Find the zeros of a function of two or more variables

fitModel: Fit a nonlinear least squares model

fitSpline: Fit splines to data

formularise: Convert lazy objects into formulas

fortify: Extract data from R objects

freqpoly: Turn histograms into frequency polygons

freqpolygon: Frequency Polygons

FunctionsFromData: Create function from data

geom_spline: Geoms and stats for spline smoother

getVarFormula: Extract data from a data frame using a formula interface

googleMap: Display a point on earth on a Google Map

gwm: Groupwise models Construct a model based on groupwise means...

inferArgs: Infer arguments

inspect: Inspect objects

integrateODE: Integrate ordinary differential equations

interval: Extract summary statistics

is.wholenumber: Check for whole number values

joinFrames: Join data frames

ladd: Add to Lattice Plots

latlon2xyz: Convert back and forth between latitude/longitude and...

linear.algebra: Functions for teaching linear algebra.

logical2factor: Turn logicals into factors; leave other things alone

logit: Logit and inverse logit functions

MAD: All pairs mean and sum of absolute differences

MAD_: All pairs mean and sum of absolute differences

makeColorscheme: Create a color generating function from a vector of colors

makeFun: Create a function from a formula

makeMap: Make a map with 'ggplot2'

mid: midpoints along a sequence

mm: Construct a model based on groupwise means

modelVars: extract predictor variables from a model

mosaicformula: Convert formulas into standard shapes

mosaic-internal: Check if formula

mosaic.options: Setting options for mosaic package functions

mosaic-package: mosaic: the Project MOSAIC package

mplot: Generic plotting

mPlotting: Interactive plotting

MSPE: Mean Squared Prediction Error

msummary: Modified summaries

mUSMap: Make a US map with 'ggplot2'

mWorldMap: Make a world map with 'ggplot2'

named: List extraction

nicenames: Nice names

n_missing: counting missing elements

ntiles: Create vector based on roughly equally sized groups

numD: Numerical Derivatives

oddsRatio: Odds Ratio and Relative Risk for 2 x 2 Contingency Tables

panel.levelcontourplot: Lattice plot that draws a filled contour plot

panel.lmbands: show confidence and preciction bands on plots

panel.plotFun: Panel function for plotting functions

panel.plotFun1: Panel function for plotting functions

parseFormula: Parse formulas

pdist: Illustrated probability calculations from distributions

perctable: Cross tabulation displayed as percents or proportions

plotCumfreq: Cumulative frequency plots

plotDist: Plots of Discrete and Continuous Distributions

plotFun: Plotting mathematical expressions

plotModel: Plot a regression model

plotPoints: Scatter plot of points

pqrdata: The Data Distribution

pqrdata2: The Data Distribution

predict.groupwiseModel: Evaluate a groupwise model given new data

project-methods: Projections

prop: Compute proportions, percents, or counts for a single level

prop.test: Exact and Approximate Tests for Proportions

qdist: Illustrated quantile calculations from distributions

rand: Random Regressors

read.file: Read data files

reexports: Objects exported from other packages

relm: Resample a Linear Model

repeater-class: Repeater objects

resample: More Random Samples

rescale: Rescale

rflip: Tossing Coins

rfun: Generate a natural-looking function

rgeo: Sample longitude and latitude on a sphere

rgeo-internals: rgeo internal functions

rkintegrate: A simple Runge-Kutte integrator

rspin: Simulate spinning a spinnner

rsquared: Extract r-squared value

r.squared: Extract r-squared value

rstudio: Check whether RStudio is in use

set.rseed: Set seed in parallel compatible way

simplify: Takes a call and returns its polynomial coefficients

sp2df: Transforms a shapefile into a dataframe

standardName: Standardization of Geographic Names

statTally: Tally test statistics

surround: Format strings for pretty output

swap: Swap values among columns of a data frame

symbolicD: Symbolic Derivatives

symbolicInt: Find the symbolic integral of a formula

tally: Tabulate categorical data

theme_map: ggplot2 theme for maps

themes: Lattice Theme

ttest: Student's t-Test

TukeyHSD.lm: Additional interfaces to TukeyHSD

update_ci: Update confidence interval

value: Extract value from an object

vector2df: Convert a vector to a data frame

xchisq.test: Augmented Chi-squared test

xhistogram: Augmented histograms

xpnorm: Augmented versions of pnorm and qnorm

xqqmath: Augmented version of 'qqmath'

zscore: Compute z-scores


adapt_seq Man page
.affine.exp Man page
aggregatingFunction1 Man page
aggregatingFunction1or2 Man page
aggregatingFunction2 Man page
antiD Man page
ashplot Man page
ash_points Man page
as.xtabs Man page Man page
as.xtabs.matrix Man page
bargraph Man page
binom.test Man page
Broyden Man page
cdata Man page
cdata_f Man page
cdata_v Man page
cdist Man page
chisq Man page
chisq.default Man page
chisq.htest Man page
chisq.table Man page
CIAdata Man page
CIsim Man page
coef Man page
coef.function Man page
coef.nlsfunction Man page
col.mosaic Man page
columns Man page
compareMean Man page
compareProportion Man page
condition Man page
condition.formula Man page
condition.parsedFormula Man page
confint Man page Man page Man page Man page
confint.htest Man page
confint.numeric Man page
confint.summary.lm Man page
connector Man page
cor Man page
count Man page
cov Man page
cross Man page
cull_for_do Man page
D Man page
d2fdx2 Man page
d2fdxdy Man page
ddata Man page
ddata_f Man page
ddata_v Man page
D.default Man page
deal Man page
deg2rad Man page
deltaMethod Man page
derivedFactor Man page
derivedVariable Man page
dfapply Man page
dfdx Man page
D.formula Man page
diffmean Man page
diffprop Man page
do Man page
Do Man page
docFile Man page
do.default Man page
do.numeric Man page Man page
dot Man page
dotPlot Man page
dpqrdist Man page
dynamicsFunction Man page
ediff Man page
evalFormula Man page
evalSubFormula Man page
expandFun Man page
factorise Man page
factorize Man page
factorize.character Man page Man page
factorize.default Man page
factorize.numeric Man page
favstats Man page
fav_stats Man page
fetchData Man page
fetchDynamics Man page
fetchGapminder Man page
fetchGapminder1 Man page
fetchGoogle Man page
findZeros Man page
findZerosMult Man page
fitdistr Man page
fitModel Man page
fitSpline Man page
fivenum Man page
formularise Man page
fortify.hclust Man page
fortify.summary.glm Man page
fortify.summary.lm Man page
fortify.TukeyHSD Man page
fractions Man page
freqpoly Man page
freqpolygon Man page
FunctionsFromData Man page
geom_ash Man page
geom_spline Man page
getVarFormula Man page
googleMap Man page
.googleMapURL Man page
.googleMapURL2 Man page
gwm Man page
hist2freqpolygon Man page
histogram Man page
ilogit Man page
inferArgs Man page
inspect Man page
inspect.character Man page Man page
inspect.factor Man page
inspect.list Man page
inspect.logical Man page
inspect.numeric Man page
inspect.POSIXt Man page
.intArith Man page
integrateODE Man page
.intMath Man page
.intTrig Man page
iqr Man page
IQR Man page
.is.formula Man page
.is.simple.formula Man page
is.wholenumber Man page
joinFrames Man page
joinTwoFrames Man page
ladd Man page
latlon2xyz Man page
lhs Man page
lhs.formula Man page
lhs.parsedFormula Man page
linear.algebra Man page
linearModel Man page
logical2factor Man page Man page
logical2factor.default Man page
logit Man page
lonlat2xyz Man page
MAD Man page
MAD_ Man page
maggregate Man page
makeAntiDfun Man page
makeColorscheme Man page Man page
makeFun Man page
makeFun.formula Man page
makeFun.function Man page
makeFun.glm Man page
makeFun.groupwiseModel Man page
makeFun.lm Man page
makeFun.nls Man page
makeMap Man page
.makeNice Man page
.makePoly Man page
mat Man page
max Man page
mean Man page
mean_ Man page
median Man page
.merge_data_frames Man page
mid Man page
min Man page
mm Man page
mMap Man page
model Man page
model.nlsfunction Man page
modelVars Man page
mosaic Man page
mosaic_formula Man page
mosaic_formula_q Man page
mosaic.getOption Man page
mosaicGetOption Man page
mosaicLatticeOptions Man page
mosaic.options Man page
mosaic-package Man page
mosaic.par.get Man page
mosaic.par.set Man page
mplot Man page
mPlot Man page Man page
mplot.default Man page
mplot.hclust Man page
mplot.lm Man page
mplot.summary.lm Man page
mplot.TukeyHSD Man page
mScatter Man page
MSPE Man page
msummary Man page
msummary.default Man page
msummary.glm Man page
msummary.lm Man page
mUniplot Man page
mUSMap Man page
mWorldMap Man page
named Man page
named_among Man page
nflip Man page
nice_names Man page
n_missing Man page
ntiles Man page
numD Man page
numerical.first.partial Man page
numerical_integration Man page
numerical.mixed.partial Man page
numerical.second.partial Man page
oddsRatio Man page
operator Man page
operator.formula Man page
operator.parsedFormula Man page
orrr Man page
panel.ashplot Man page
panel.cumfreq Man page
panel.dotPlot Man page
panel.freqpolygon Man page
panel.levelcontourplot Man page
panel.lmbands Man page
panel.plotFun Man page
panel.plotFun1 Man page
panel.xhistogram Man page
panel.xqqmath Man page
parse.formula Man page
pdata Man page
pdata_f Man page
pdata_v Man page
pdist Man page
perc Man page
perctable Man page
plotCumfreq Man page
plotCumfreq.default Man page
plotCumfreq.formula Man page
plotDist Man page
plot.freqpolygon Man page
plotFun Man page
plotModel Man page
plotPoints Man page
.polyExp Man page
.polyExp.num Man page
predict.groupwiseModel Man page
prepanel.cumfreq Man page
prepanel.default.ashplot Man page
prepanel.default.freqpolygon Man page
prepanel.xhistogram Man page
print.cointoss Man page
print.inspected_data_frame Man page
print.msummary.glm Man page
print.msummary.lm Man page
print.oddsRatio Man page
print.relrisk Man page
print.repeater Man page
prod Man page
project Man page
project,formula-method Man page
project,matrix-method Man page
project,numeric-method Man page
prop Man page
prop1 Man page
proptable Man page
prop.test Man page
pval Man page
pval.htest Man page
qdata Man page
qdata_f Man page
qdata_v Man page
qdist Man page
quantile Man page
rad2deg Man page
rand Man page
range Man page
rdata Man page
rdata_f Man page
rdata_v Man page
read.file Man page
reexports Man page
relm Man page
relrisk Man page
*,repeater,ANY-method Man page
repeater-class Man page
resample Man page
rescale Man page
rescale.character Man page Man page
rescale.default Man page
rescale.factor Man page
rescale.numeric Man page
restoreLatticeOptions Man page
rflip Man page
rfun Man page
rgeo Man page
rgeo2 Man page
rgeo-internals Man page
rhs Man page
rhs.formula Man page
rhs.parsedFormula Man page
rkFunction Man page
rkintegrate Man page
rlatlon Man page
rlonlat Man page
rows Man page
rpoly2 Man page
rspin Man page
rsquared Man page
r.squared Man page
rstudio_is_available Man page
SAD Man page
SAD_ Man page
sample Man page Man page
sample.default Man page
sample.factor Man page
sample.matrix Man page
sd Man page
setCorners Man page
setInterval Man page
set.rseed Man page
shuffle Man page
.simple.part Man page
singvals Man page
smoother Man page
solve.formula Man page
sp2df Man page
spliner Man page
.squash_names Man page
standardCountry Man page
standardName Man page
standardState Man page
stat Man page
stat_ash Man page
StatAsh Man page
stat.htest Man page
stat_spline Man page
StatSpline Man page
statTally Man page
sum Man page
summary.nlsfunction Man page
summary.oddsRatio Man page
summary.relrisk Man page
surround Man page
swap Man page
symbolicAntiD Man page
symbolicD Man page
symbolicInt Man page
tally Man page Man page
tally.formula Man page
tally.tbl Man page
theme_map Man page
theme.mosaic Man page
t_test Man page
t.test Man page
TukeyHSD.formula Man page
TukeyHSD.lm Man page
unnamed Man page
update_ci Man page
value Man page
value.default Man page
value.integrate Man page
var Man page
vector2df Man page
vlength Man page
xchisq.test Man page
xhistogram Man page
xhistogramBreaks Man page
xpbinom Man page
xpchisq Man page
xpf Man page
xpgamma Man page
xpgeom Man page
xpnbinom Man page
xpnorm Man page
xppois Man page
xpt Man page
xqbinom Man page
xqchisq Man page
xqf Man page
xqgamma Man page
xqgeom Man page
xqnbinom Man page
xqnorm Man page
xqpois Man page
xqqmath Man page
xqt Man page
xyz2latlon Man page
zscore Man page


inst/examples/tabset/ui.R inst/examples/tabset/server.R
inst/doc/Resampling.R inst/doc/LessVolume-MoreCreativity.R
tests/testthat/test-ttest.R tests/testthat/test-aggregating.R tests/testthat/test-proptest.R tests/testthat/test-dpqrdist.R tests/testthat/test-linearAlgebra.R tests/testthat/test-calculus.R tests/testthat/test-pqrdata.R tests/testthat/test-binomtest.R tests/testthat/test-makeFunction.R tests/testthat/test-do.R tests/testthat/test-fitModel.R tests/testthat/test-tabulation.R tests/testthat/test-evalFormula.R tests/testthat/test-groupwiseModels.R tests/testthat/test-findZeros.R tests/testthat/test-environments.R tests/testthat/test-symbolicInt.R tests/testthat/test-favstats.R
demo/plotFun.R demo/histogram.R demo/leastsquares.R
R/ttest-internal.R R/parseFormula.R R/aggregatingMeta.R R/utils.R R/swap.R R/derivedFactor.R R/inspect.R R/ediff.R R/project.R R/surround.R R/as.xtabs.R R/compareProportion.R R/factorize.R R/makeFun.R R/dpqrdist.R R/logit.R R/zscore.R R/mPlots.R R/interval.R R/numD.R R/statTally.R R/bargraph.R R/plotModel.R R/expandFun.R R/panel.lmbands.R R/xhistogram.R R/xchisq.test.R R/resample.R R/maps2.R R/plotFun.R R/findZeros.R
R/cdist.R R/prop.test.R R/rescale.R R/fitSpline.R R/plotCumfreq.R R/themes.R R/docFile.R R/binomialCIs.R R/rgeo.R R/fetchGoogle.R R/findZerosMult.R R/linear-algebra.R R/deltaMethod.R R/cross.R R/chisq.R R/aggregatingAux.R R/is.wholenumber.R R/Tukey.R R/Clustering.R R/CIsim.R R/simplify.R R/nmissing.R R/Calculus.R R/rfun.R R/fitModel.R R/evalFormula.R R/oddsRatio.R R/favstats.R R/settings.R R/adapt_seq.R R/mm.R R/mosaic-package.R R/reexports.R R/dotPlot.R R/compareMean.R R/ladd.R R/value.R R/plotPoints.R R/confint.R R/binom.test.R R/diffmean.R R/plotDist.R R/smoothers.R R/read.file.R R/tally.R R/xpnorm.R R/xqqmath.R R/rand.R R/groupwiseModels.R R/mplot.R R/fetchGapminder.R R/ashplot.R R/ttest.R R/do.R R/fetchData.R R/symbolicInt.R R/msummary.R R/ntiles.R R/integrateODE.R R/frequencyPolygon.R R/perctable.R R/zzz.R R/dfapply.R R/symbolicD.R R/pqrdata.R
man/fortify.Rd man/modelVars.Rd man/aggregatingAux.Rd man/perctable.Rd man/prop.test.Rd man/parseFormula.Rd man/prop.Rd man/xhistogram.Rd man/CIAdata.Rd man/oddsRatio.Rd man/joinFrames.Rd man/value.Rd man/linear.algebra.Rd man/deg2rad.Rd man/symbolicInt.Rd man/update_ci.Rd man/statTally.Rd man/relm.Rd man/MSPE.Rd man/derivedVariable.Rd man/panel.levelcontourplot.Rd man/swap.Rd man/getVarFormula.Rd man/mosaic-internal.Rd man/rgeo.Rd man/plotModel.Rd man/makeMap.Rd man/mplot.Rd man/mosaicformula.Rd man/compareProportion.Rd man/fitModel.Rd man/formularise.Rd man/TukeyHSD.lm.Rd man/dotPlot.Rd man/xpnorm.Rd man/as-xtabs.Rd man/columns.Rd man/freqpoly.Rd man/findZerosMult.Rd man/rand.Rd man/predict.groupwiseModel.Rd man/integrateODE.Rd man/is.wholenumber.Rd man/zscore.Rd man/MAD_.Rd man/aggregatingFunction1.Rd man/symbolicD.Rd man/docFile.Rd man/cross.Rd man/rgeo-internals.Rd man/dfapply.Rd man/interval.Rd man/n_missing.Rd man/CIsim.Rd man/named.Rd man/mWorldMap.Rd man/ashplot.Rd man/ntiles.Rd man/plotCumfreq.Rd man/clustering.Rd man/freqpolygon.Rd man/pqrdata2.Rd man/project-methods.Rd man/rspin.Rd man/cdist.Rd man/numD.Rd man/do.Rd man/r.squared.Rd man/theme_map.Rd man/msummary.Rd man/evalSubFormula.Rd man/xchisq.test.Rd man/ttest.Rd man/plotFun.Rd man/Calculus.Rd man/fitSpline.Rd man/confint.Rd man/resample.Rd man/logit.Rd man/inferArgs.Rd man/googleMap.Rd man/aggregatingFunction2.Rd man/pqrdata.Rd man/compareMean.Rd man/standardName.Rd man/reexports.Rd man/fav_stats.Rd man/xqqmath.Rd man/bargraph.Rd man/read.file.Rd man/geom_spline.Rd man/mid.Rd man/chisq.Rd man/repeater-class.Rd man/rescale.Rd man/binom.test.Rd man/latlon2xyz.Rd man/ladd.Rd man/evalFormula.Rd man/mm.Rd man/sp2df.Rd man/vector2df.Rd man/mPlotting.Rd man/findZeros.Rd man/aggregatingFunction1or2.Rd man/surround.Rd man/mUSMap.Rd man/adapt_seq.Rd man/panel.plotFun1.Rd man/makeFun.Rd man/simplify.Rd man/makeColorscheme.Rd man/panel.lmbands.Rd man/themes.Rd man/MAD.Rd man/logical2factor.Rd man/cull_for_do.Rd man/panel.plotFun.Rd man/factorize.Rd man/ediff.Rd man/Broyden.Rd man/deltaMethod.Rd man/set.rseed.Rd man/plotDist.Rd man/diffmean.Rd man/gwm.Rd man/dpqrdist.Rd man/aggregating.Rd man/inspect.Rd man/defunct-fetch.Rd man/plotPoints.Rd man/nicenames.Rd man/rsquared.Rd man/mosaic-package.Rd man/tally.Rd man/rfun.Rd man/expandFun.Rd man/qdist.Rd man/rstudio.Rd man/pdist.Rd man/rflip.Rd man/coef.Rd man/mosaic.options.Rd man/rkintegrate.Rd man/FunctionsFromData.Rd

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