Man pages for mosaic
Project MOSAIC Statistics and Mathematics Teaching Utilities

adapt_seqAdaptively generate sequences in an interval
aggregatingAggregating functions
aggregatingAuxAggregate for mosaic
aggregatingFunction11-ary Aggregating functions
aggregatingFunction1or21- or 2-ary aggregating functions
aggregatingFunction22-ary aggregating functions
ashplotAverage Shifted Histograms
as-xtabsConvert objects to xtabs format
bargraphCreate bar graphs from raw data
binom.testExact Tests for Proportions
BroydenMulti-Dimensional Root Finding
cdistCentral portion of a distribution
chisqExtract Chi-squared statistic
CIAdataReturn a dataset based on the CIA World Factbook
CIsimCompute confidence intervals from (multiple) simulated data...
clusteringmosaic tools for clustering
cnormCentral Probability in a Normal or T Distribution
confintConfidence interval methods for output of resampling
cor.testAlternative formula interface for cor.test
crossFactor cross products
cull_for_doCull objects used with do()
defunctDefunct functions
defunct-fetchDefunct functions now in the fetch package
deg2radConvert between degrees and radians
derivedVariableCreate new variables from logicals
diffmeanDifference in means and proportions
doDo Things Repeatedly
docFileReturn the path to a documentation file in a package
dpqrdistDistribution wrapper
expandFunExpand the left-hand side of a formula
factorizeConditionally convert vectors to factors
fav_statsSome favorite statistical summaries
findZerosFind zeros of functions
findZerosMultFind the zeros of a function of two or more variables
fitModelFit a nonlinear least squares model
fitSplineFit splines to data
fortifyExtract data from R objects
freqpolyTurn histograms into frequency polygons
freqpolygonFrequency Polygons
FunctionsFromDataCreate function from data
getVarFormulaExtract data from a data frame using a formula interface
googleMapDisplay a point on earth on a Google Map
inferArgsInfer arguments
intervalExtract summary statistics
is.wholenumberCheck for whole number values
laddAdd to Lattice Plots
latlon2xyzConvert back and forth between latitude/longitude and...
leaflet_mapSimple Leaflet Maps
linear.algebraFunctions for teaching linear algebra.
MADAll pairs mean and sum of absolute differences
MAD_All pairs mean and sum of absolute differences
makeColorschemeCreate a color generating function from a vector of colors
makeMapMake a map with 'ggplot2'
midmidpoints along a sequence
mosaic-internalCheck if formula
mosaic.optionsSetting options for mosaic package functions
mosaic-packagemosaic: the Project MOSAIC package
mplotGeneric plotting
mPlottingInteractive plotting
mUSMapMake a US map with 'ggplot2'
mWorldMapMake a world map with 'ggplot2'
ntilesCreate vector based on roughly equally sized groups
oddsRatioOdds Ratio and Relative Risk for 2 x 2 Contingency Tables
panel.levelcontourplotLattice plot that draws a filled contour plot
panel.lmbandsshow confidence and prediction bands on plots
panel.plotFunPanel function for plotting functions
panel.plotFun1Panel function for plotting functions
pdistIllustrated probability calculations from distributions
plotCumfreqCumulative frequency plots
plotDistPlots of Discrete and Continuous Distributions
plotFunPlotting mathematical expressions
plotModelPlot a regression model
plotPointsScatter plot of points
pqrdataThe Data Distribution
pqrdata2The Data Distribution
prop_testInternal function for testing proportion
prop.testExact and Approximate Tests for Proportions
qdistIllustrated quantile calculations from distributions
randRandom Regressors
read.fileRead data files
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
relmResample a Linear Model
repeater-classRepeater objects
resampleMore Random Samples
rflipTossing Coins
rfunGenerate a natural-looking function
rgeoSample longitude and latitude on a sphere
rgeo-internalsrgeo internal functions
rspinSimulate spinning a spinner
rsquaredExtract r-squared value
rstudioCheck whether RStudio is in use
set.rseedSet seed in parallel compatible way
sp2dfTransforms a shapefile into a dataframe
standardNameStandardization of Geographic Names
statTallyTally test statistics
surroundFormat strings for pretty output
swapSwap values among columns of a data frame
theme_mapggplot2 theme for maps
themesLattice Theme
ttestStudent's t-Test
TukeyHSD.lmAdditional interfaces to TukeyHSD
update_ciUpdate confidence interval
valueExtract value from an object
xchisq.testAugmented Chi-squared test
xhistogramAugmented histograms
xpnormAugmented versions of pnorm and qnorm
xqqmathAugmented version of 'qqmath'
zscoreCompute z-scores
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