Man pages for motifr
Motif Analysis in Multi-Level Networks

compare_to_baselineCompare motif occurence in empirical network to occurence in...
count_motifsCount multi-level motifs
critical_dyadsList critical dyads
directed_dummy_netTwo-level directed network dummy example
dummy_netThree-level network dummy example
edge_contributionList edge contribution
exemplify_motifReturns an example for a motif found in a given network
explore_motifsExplore the motif zoo interactively in a shiny app
identify_gapsList gaps
induced_level_subgraphReturns subgraph induced by one level of the network
is.directedChecks whether the given network is directed
large_directed_dummy_netLarge two-level directed network dummy example
list_motifsLists motifs of a given class or all motifs with a given...
ml_netTwo-level network example (wetlands management)
motifs_distributionCompute statistical properties (expectation and variance) of...
motif_summarySummary for motif counts and Erdős-Rényi distribution
plot_critical_dyadsPlot critical dyads in network visualisation
plot_gapsPlot gaps in network visualisation
plot_gaps_or_critical_dyadsHelper function for plotting gaps and critical edges
plot_mnetVisualize a multi-level network (using ggraph)
show_motifPlots an example for a motif with given motif identifier...
simulate_baselineSimulate a baseline baseline model
supported_classesLists all supported motif classes for a given signature
supported_signaturesLists all supported signatures
tidygraph_dummy_netTwo-level tidygraph network example
to_py_graphTranslate multi-level statnet or igraph network object to...
update_motifrChecks for updates for motifr's Python core, the sma package
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