mpoly: Symbolic Computation and More with Multivariate Polynomials

Symbolic computing with multivariate polynomials in R.

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AuthorDavid Kahle [aut, cre]
Date of publication2016-07-13 19:50:38
MaintainerDavid Kahle <>

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Man pages

as.function.mpoly: Change a multivariate polynomial into a function.

as.function.mpolyList: Change a vector of multivariate polynomials into a function.

as.mpoly: Convert an object to an mpoly

bernstein: Bernstein polynomials

bernsteinApprox: Bernstein polynomial approximation

bezier: Bezier polynomials

bezierFunction: Bezier function

burst: Enumerate integer r-vectors summing to n

chebyshev: Chebyshev polynomials

components: Polynomial components

deriv.mpoly: Compute partial derivatives of a multivariate polynomial.

gradient: Compute gradient of a multivariate polynomial.

grobner: REMOVED - Compute a grobner basis of a list of multivariate...

hermite: Hermite polynomials

homogenize: Homogenize a polynomial

insert: Insert an element into a vector.

is.wholenumber: Test whether an object is a whole number

jacobi: Jacobi polynomials

laguerre: Generalized Laguerre polynomials

LCM: Compute the least common multiple of two numbers.

legendre: Legendre polynomials

mp: Define a multivariate polynomial.

mpoly: Multivariate polynomials in R.

mpolyArithmetic: Arithmetic with multivariate polynomials

mpolyEqual: Determine whether two multivariate polynomials are equal.

mpolyList: Define a collection of multivariate polynomials.

mpolyListArithmetic: Element-wise arithmetic with vectors of multivariate...

partitions: Enumerate the partitions of an integer

permutations: Determine all permutations of a set.

plug: Switch indeterminates in a polynomial

predicates: mpoly predicate functions

print.mpoly: Pretty printing of multivariate polynomials.

print.mpolyList: Pretty printing of a list of multivariate polynomials.

reorder.mpoly: Reorder a multivariate polynomial.

round.mpoly: Round the coefficients of a polynomial

swap: Swap polynomial indeterminates

terms.mpoly: Extract the terms of a multivariate polynomial.

tuples: Determine all n-tuples using the elements of a set.

vars: Determine the variables in a mpoly object.


== Man page
as.function.bezier Man page
as.function.mpoly Man page
as.function.mpolyList Man page
as.mpoly Man page
bernstein Man page
bernsteinApprox Man page
bezier Man page
bezierFunction Man page
burst Man page
chebyshev Man page
components Man page
dehomogenize Man page
deriv.mpoly Man page
exponents Man page
gradient Man page
grobner Man page
hermite Man page
homogeneous_components Man page
homogenize Man page
insert Man page
is.bernstein Man page
is.bezier Man page
is.chebyshev Man page
is.constant Man page
is.homogeneous Man page
is.linear Man page
is.mpoly Man page
is.mpolyList Man page
is.wholenumber Man page
jacobi Man page
laguerre Man page
LC Man page
LCM Man page
legendre Man page
LM Man page
LT Man page
monomials Man page
mp Man page
mpoly Man page
^.mpoly Man page
==.mpoly Man page
-.mpoly Man page
[.mpoly Man page
*.mpoly Man page
+.mpoly Man page
mpolyArithmetic Man page
mpolyEqual Man page
mpolyList Man page
-.mpolyList Man page
*.mpolyList Man page
+.mpolyList Man page
mpolyListArithmetic Man page
mpoly-package Man page
multideg Man page
package-mpoly Man page
partitions Man page
permutations Man page
plug Man page
predicates Man page
print.mpoly Man page
print.mpolyList Man page
reorder.mpoly Man page
round.mpoly Man page
swap Man page
terms.mpoly Man page
totaldeg Man page
tuples Man page
vars Man page

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