mpoly: Symbolic Computation and More with Multivariate Polynomials

Symbolic computing with multivariate polynomials in R.

AuthorDavid Kahle [aut, cre]
Date of publication2016-07-13 19:50:38
MaintainerDavid Kahle <>

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Man pages

as.function.mpoly: Change a multivariate polynomial into a function.

as.function.mpolyList: Change a vector of multivariate polynomials into a function.

as.mpoly: Convert an object to an mpoly

bernstein: Bernstein polynomials

bernsteinApprox: Bernstein polynomial approximation

bezier: Bezier polynomials

bezierFunction: Bezier function

burst: Enumerate integer r-vectors summing to n

chebyshev: Chebyshev polynomials

components: Polynomial components

deriv.mpoly: Compute partial derivatives of a multivariate polynomial.

gradient: Compute gradient of a multivariate polynomial.

grobner: REMOVED - Compute a grobner basis of a list of multivariate...

hermite: Hermite polynomials

homogenize: Homogenize a polynomial

insert: Insert an element into a vector.

is.wholenumber: Test whether an object is a whole number

jacobi: Jacobi polynomials

laguerre: Generalized Laguerre polynomials

LCM: Compute the least common multiple of two numbers.

legendre: Legendre polynomials

mp: Define a multivariate polynomial.

mpoly: Multivariate polynomials in R.

mpolyArithmetic: Arithmetic with multivariate polynomials

mpolyEqual: Determine whether two multivariate polynomials are equal.

mpolyList: Define a collection of multivariate polynomials.

mpolyListArithmetic: Element-wise arithmetic with vectors of multivariate...

partitions: Enumerate the partitions of an integer

permutations: Determine all permutations of a set.

plug: Switch indeterminates in a polynomial

predicates: mpoly predicate functions

print.mpoly: Pretty printing of multivariate polynomials.

print.mpolyList: Pretty printing of a list of multivariate polynomials.

reorder.mpoly: Reorder a multivariate polynomial.

round.mpoly: Round the coefficients of a polynomial

swap: Swap polynomial indeterminates

terms.mpoly: Extract the terms of a multivariate polynomial.

tuples: Determine all n-tuples using the elements of a set.

vars: Determine the variables in a mpoly object.

Files in this package

mpoly/R/swap.R mpoly/R/laguerre.R mpoly/R/burst.R mpoly/R/LCM.R mpoly/R/deriv.mpoly.R mpoly/R/homogenize.R mpoly/R/chebyshev.R mpoly/R/print.mpolyList.R mpoly/R/print.mpoly.R mpoly/R/mpolyList.R mpoly/R/partitions.R mpoly/R/mp.R mpoly/R/terms.mpoly.R mpoly/R/mpoly.R mpoly/R/as.function.mpolyList.R mpoly/R/as.function.mpoly.R mpoly/R/tuples.R mpoly/R/components.R mpoly/R/mpolyListArithmetic.R mpoly/R/as.mpoly.R mpoly/R/grobner.R mpoly/R/jacobi.R mpoly/R/bezier.R mpoly/R/bernstein.R mpoly/R/help.R
mpoly/R/hermite.R mpoly/R/legendre.R mpoly/R/vars.R mpoly/R/permutations.R mpoly/R/reorder.mpoly.R mpoly/R/mpolyArithmetic.R mpoly/R/predicates.R mpoly/R/plug.R mpoly/R/mpolyEqual.R mpoly/R/round.mpoly.R
mpoly/man/mpolyEqual.Rd mpoly/man/gradient.Rd mpoly/man/terms.mpoly.Rd mpoly/man/grobner.Rd mpoly/man/as.mpoly.Rd mpoly/man/plug.Rd mpoly/man/mp.Rd mpoly/man/swap.Rd mpoly/man/deriv.mpoly.Rd mpoly/man/chebyshev.Rd mpoly/man/is.wholenumber.Rd mpoly/man/homogenize.Rd mpoly/man/burst.Rd mpoly/man/print.mpolyList.Rd mpoly/man/mpolyArithmetic.Rd mpoly/man/components.Rd mpoly/man/mpolyListArithmetic.Rd mpoly/man/vars.Rd mpoly/man/print.mpoly.Rd mpoly/man/permutations.Rd mpoly/man/bezierFunction.Rd mpoly/man/as.function.mpoly.Rd mpoly/man/mpolyList.Rd mpoly/man/insert.Rd mpoly/man/laguerre.Rd mpoly/man/tuples.Rd mpoly/man/reorder.mpoly.Rd mpoly/man/round.mpoly.Rd mpoly/man/bernstein.Rd mpoly/man/as.function.mpolyList.Rd mpoly/man/legendre.Rd mpoly/man/jacobi.Rd mpoly/man/bezier.Rd mpoly/man/LCM.Rd mpoly/man/mpoly.Rd mpoly/man/predicates.Rd mpoly/man/bernsteinApprox.Rd mpoly/man/hermite.Rd mpoly/man/partitions.Rd

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