Man pages for mpoly
Symbolic Computation and More with Multivariate Polynomials

as.function.mpolyChange a multivariate polynomial into a function.
as.function.mpolyListChange a vector of multivariate polynomials into a function.
as.mpolyConvert an object to an mpoly
bernsteinBernstein polynomials
bernsteinApproxBernstein polynomial approximation
bezierBezier polynomials
bezierFunctionBezier function
burstEnumerate integer r-vectors summing to n
chebyshevChebyshev polynomials
componentsPolynomial components
deriv.mpolyCompute partial derivatives of a multivariate polynomial.
gradientCompute gradient of a multivariate polynomial.
grobnerREMOVED - Compute a grobner basis of a list of multivariate...
hermiteHermite polynomials
homogenizeHomogenize a polynomial
insertInsert an element into a vector.
is.wholenumberTest whether an object is a whole number
jacobiJacobi polynomials
laguerreGeneralized Laguerre polynomials
LCMCompute the least common multiple of two numbers.
legendreLegendre polynomials
mpDefine a multivariate polynomial.
mpolyMultivariate polynomials in R.
mpolyArithmeticArithmetic with multivariate polynomials
mpolyEqualDetermine whether two multivariate polynomials are equal.
mpolyListDefine a collection of multivariate polynomials.
mpolyListArithmeticElement-wise arithmetic with vectors of multivariate...
partitionsEnumerate the partitions of an integer
permutationsDetermine all permutations of a set.
plugSwitch indeterminates in a polynomial
predicatesmpoly predicate functions
print.mpolyPretty printing of multivariate polynomials.
print.mpolyListPretty printing of a list of multivariate polynomials.
reorder.mpolyReorder a multivariate polynomial.
round.mpolyRound the coefficients of a polynomial
solve_unipolySolve a univariate mpoly with polyroot
swapSwap polynomial indeterminates
terms.mpolyExtract the terms of a multivariate polynomial.
tuplesDetermine all n-tuples using the elements of a set.
varsDetermine the variables in a mpoly object.
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