Defines functions dummy_pkg

Documented in dummy_pkg

#' @title Dummy package creation
#' @description Create a simple example package in the temporary directory
#' @param location A character string containing a path to a directory in which to create the package, by default the location of \code{\link[base]{tempdir}}.
#' @param messages A logical indicating whether to include some dummy translatable messages. Default \code{TRUE}.
#' @return A string denoting a path to the root of the package (called \dQuote{translateme}).
#' @importFrom devtools create
#' @export
dummy_pkg <- function(location = tempdir(), messages = TRUE) {
    pkg_path <- file.path(location, "translateme")
    if (!dir.exists(location)) {
        dir.create(location, recursive = TRUE)
    if (dir.exists(file.path(location, "translateme"))) {
        unlink(pkg_path, recursive = TRUE)
    description <- list(
      Title = "An Example Package",
      Description = "Demonstrates 'msgtools' functionality",
      BugReports = "https://github.com/RL10N/msgtools/issues",
      License = "Unlimited"
    create(pkg_path, description = description, rstudio = FALSE)

    # initialize some messages
    if (isTRUE(messages)) {
        dump("translatable_messages", file = file.path(pkg_path, "R", "fns.R"))

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