Man pages for msm
Multi-State Markov and Hidden Markov Models in Continuous Time

2phaseCoxian phase-type distribution with two phases
aneurAortic aneurysm progression data
boot.msmBootstrap resampling for multi-state models
bosBronchiolitis obliterans syndrome after lung transplants
cavHeart transplant monitoring data
cmodel.objectDeveloper documentation: censoring model object
coef.msmExtract model coefficients
crudeinits.msmCalculate crude initial values for transition intensities
deltamethodThe delta method
draic.msmCriteria for comparing two multi-state models with nested...
ecmodel.objectDeveloper documentation: model for covariates on...
efpt.msmExpected first passage time
ematrix.msmMisclassification probability matrix
emodel.objectDeveloper documentation: misclassification model structure...
fevFEV1 measurements from lung transplant recipients
hazard.msmCalculate tables of hazard ratios for covariates on...
hmm-distsHidden Markov model constructors
hmmMVMultivariate hidden Markov models
hmodel.objectDeveloper documentation: hidden Markov model structure object
logLik.msmExtract model log-likelihood
lrtest.msmLikelihood ratio test
MatrixExpMatrix exponential
medistsMeasurement error distributions
model.frame.msmExtract original data from 'msm' objects.
msmMulti-state Markov and hidden Markov models in continuous...
msm2SurvConvert data for 'msm' to data for 'survival', 'mstate' or...
msm.form.qoutputExtract msm model parameter estimates in compact format
msm.objectFitted msm model objects
odds.msmCalculate tables of odds ratios for covariates on...
paramdata.objectDeveloper documentation: internal msm parameters object
pearson.msmPearson-type goodness-of-fit test
pexpExponential distribution with piecewise-constant rate
phasemeans.msmParameters of phase-type models in mixture form
plot.msmPlots of multi-state models
plot.prevalence.msmPlot of observed and expected prevalences
plotprog.msmKaplan Meier estimates of incidence
plot.survfit.msmPlot empirical and fitted survival curves
pmatrix.msmTransition probability matrix
pmatrix.piecewise.msmTransition probability matrix for processes with...
pnext.msmProbability of each state being next
ppass.msmPassage probabilities
prevalence.msmTables of observed and expected prevalences
print.msmPrint a fitted msm model object
printold.msmPrint a fitted msm model object
psorPsoriatic arthritis data
qcmodel.objectDeveloper documentation: model for covariates on transition...
qgenericGeneric function to find quantiles of a distribution
qmatrix.msmTransition intensity matrix
qmodel.objectDeveloper documentation: transition model structure object
qratio.msmEstimated ratio of transition intensities
recreate.olddataConvert data stored in msm object to old format
scoreresid.msmScore residuals
simfitted.msmSimulate from a Markov model fitted using msm
sim.msmSimulate one individual trajectory from a continuous-time...
simmulti.msmSimulate multiple trajectories from a multi-state Markov...
sojourn.msmMean sojourn times from a multi-state model
statetable.msmTable of transitions
summary.msmSummarise a fitted multi-state model
surface.msmExplore the likelihood surface
tnormTruncated Normal distribution
totlos.msmTotal length of stay, or expected number of visits
transient.msmTransient and absorbing states
viterbi.msmCalculate the probabilities of underlying states and the most...
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