multigroup: Multigroup Data Analysis

Several functions are presented in order to study data in a group structure, where the same set of variables are measured on different groups of individuals.

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AuthorAida Eslami, El Mostafa Qannari, Stephanie Bougeard, Gaston Sanchez Questions and comments go to Aida Eslami <> and Stephanie Bougeard <>
Date of publication2015-03-11 07:53:38
MaintainerAida Eslami <>

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BGC Man page
DCCSWA Man page
deflation Man page
DGPA Man page
DSTATIS Man page
FCPCA Man page
iteraite_fun_Iter Man page
loadingsplot Man page
loadingsplotXY Man page
mbmgPCA Man page
mgPCA Man page
mgPLS Man page
multigroup Man page
multigroup-package Man page
normM Man page
normv Man page
oliveoil Man page Man page
prepare_data Man page
project Man page
scoreplot Man page
select_initial_Iter Man page
similarity_function Man page
similarity_noncum Man page
summarize Man page
TBWvariance Man page
Trace Man page
transfer_Group Man page
wine Man page

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