Man pages for multigroup
Multigroup Data Analysis

BGCBetween Group Comparison
DCCSWADual Common Component and Specific Weights Analysis
DGPADual Generalized Procrustes Analysis
FCPCAFlury's Common Principal Component Analysis
iteraite_fun_IterIteration function
loadingsplotloadings plot
loadingsplotXYloadings plot of X and Y
mbmgPCAmultiblock and multigroup Principal Component Analysis
mgPCAMultigroup Principal Component Analysis
mgPLSMultigroup Partial Least Squares Regression
multigroupmultigroup: methods for multigroup data analysis
normMNormalize function for a matrix
normvNormalize function for a vector
oliveoilSensory and physico-chemical data of olive oils
plot.mgPlots for multigroup objects
prepare_dataPreparing data
projectProject operatior
scoreplotScore plot for multigroup data
select_initial_IterSelection of initial values
similarity_functionsimilarity function
similarity_noncumNon cumulative similarity function
TBWvarianceTotal, within- and between-group variances
Tracetrace of a matrix
transfer_GroupTranster function
wineWine data
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