multiplex: Algebraic Tools for the Analysis of Multiple Social Networks

Algebraic procedures for the analysis of multiple social networks are delivered with this package. Among other things, it makes possible to create and manipulate multivariate network data with different formats, and there are effective ways available to treat multiple networks with routines that combine algebraic systems like the partially ordered semigroup or the semiring structure together with the relational bundles occurring in different types of multivariate network data sets. It also provides an algebraic approach for two-mode networks through Galois derivations between families of the pairs of subsets in the two domains.

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AuthorAntonio Rivero Ostoic [aut, cre]
Date of publication2017-01-24 16:29:42
MaintainerAntonio Rivero Ostoic <>

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Man pages

as.semigroup: Coerce to a Semigroup Object

as.signed: Coerce to a Signed Object

as.strings: Coerce an Object to a Strings Class

bnd: internal function

bundle.census: Bundle Census

bundles: Bundle Class Patterns

cngr: Congruence Relations

comps: Find components in multiple networks

convert: Convert Format of a Semigroup Object

coor: internal function

cph: Cumulated Person Hierarchy

decomp: Decomposition of a Semigroup Structure

dhc: internal function

diagram: Plot the Hasse Diagram of a set of ordered relations

diagram.levels: Levels in the Lattice Diagram

dichot: Dichotomize data with a cutoff

edgeT: Edge Table Generator

expos: Network Exposure for Multiple Networks

flt: internal function

fltr: Principal filters

galois: Galois derivations between subsets

hierar: Person and Relation Hierarchy

iinc: Induced Inclusions

incubs: Business Incubators Data Sets Are Two pi-relations Meet Complements?

isom: Make Isomorphic...

jnt: internal function

ltlw: First- and Last Letter Laws

men: internal function

mnplx: Make a multiple network as monoplex structure

multiplex-package: Algebraic Tools for the Analysis of Multiple Social Networks

neighb: Neighborhood of an actor or group of actors

ngbs: internal function

pacnet: Read Output from Pacnet

partial.order: The Partial Order of String relations or of Galois...

perm: Array Permutation

pi.rels: pi-Relations

prev: Preview of the Semigroup Construction

print.gml: internal function

print.reduced: internal function

rbox: Construct the Relation-Box

read.dl: Read 'dl' Files

read.gml: Read 'gml' Files Read 'srt' Files

redl: internal function

reduc: Reduce a matrix or array

reducs: internal function

relabel: Relabel a Semigroup Object

rel.sys: Relational System

rm.isol: Remove Isolates

semigroup: Constructing the Semigroup of Relations

semiring: Semiring Structures for Balance Theory

signed: Signed Network

sprt: internal function

strings: Strings of Relations

summaryBundles: Summary of Bundle Classes

swp: internal function

transf: Transform Data from/to Matrix/List Formats

transl: internal function

wordT: The Word Table of Relations

write.dat: Write 'dat' Files

write.dl: Write 'dl' Files

write.gml: Write 'gml' Files Write 'srt' Files

zbind: Combine Arrays

zbnd: internal function


as.semigroup Man page
as.signed Man page
as.strings Man page
bnd Man page
bundle.census Man page
bundles Man page
cngr Man page
comps Man page
convert Man page
coor Man page
cph Man page
decomp Man page
dhc Man page
diagram Man page
diagram.levels Man page
dichot Man page
edgeT Man page
expos Man page
flt Man page
fltr Man page
galois Man page
hierar Man page
iinc Man page
incubA Man page
incubB Man page
incubC Man page
incubD Man page
incubs Man page Man page
isom Man page
jnt Man page
ltlw Man page
men Man page
mnplx Man page
multiplex Man page
multiplex-package Man page
neighb Man page
ngbs Man page
pacnet Man page
partial.order Man page
perm Man page
pi.rels Man page
prev Man page
print.gml Man page
print.reduced Man page
rbox Man page
read.dl Man page
read.gml Man page Man page
redl Man page
reduc Man page
reducs Man page
relabel Man page
rel.sys Man page
rm.isol Man page
semigroup Man page
semiring Man page
signed Man page
sprt Man page
strings Man page
summaryBundles Man page
swp Man page
transf Man page
transl Man page
wordT Man page
write.dat Man page
write.dl Man page
write.gml Man page Man page
zbind Man page
zbnd Man page


R/as.strings.R R/convert.R R/perm.R R/semiring.R R/reduc.R R/as.signed.R R/summaryBundles.R R/print.gml.R R/signed.R R/fltr.R R/strings.R R/redl.R R/reducs.R R/read.dl.R R/dhc.R R/bnd.R R/wordT.R R/relabel.R R/zbind.R R/write.gml.R R/jnt.R R/dichot.R R/ R/ R/read.gml.R R/partial.order.R R/write.dat.R R/neighb.R R/swp.R R/cngr.R R/as.semigroup.R R/cph.R R/zbnd.R R/diagram.R R/transl.R R/print.reduced.R R/rbox.R R/rm.isol.R R/write.dl.R R/comps.R R/ltlw.R R/sprt.R R/expos.R R/transf.R R/pacnet.R R/flt.R R/mnplx.R R/iinc.R R/ngbs.R R/diagram.levels.R R/prev.R R/semigroup.R R/edgeT.R R/hierar.R R/galois.R R/decomp.R R/pi.rels.R R/bundle.census.R R/ R/men.R R/coor.R R/bundles.R R/isom.R R/rel.sys.R
man/transf.Rd man/reduc.Rd man/pacnet.Rd man/summaryBundles.Rd man/print.reduced.Rd man/transl.Rd man/zbnd.Rd man/bundle.census.Rd man/zbind.Rd man/as.signed.Rd man/comps.Rd man/write.gml.Rd man/pi.rels.Rd man/redl.Rd man/rel.sys.Rd man/wordT.Rd man/write.dat.Rd man/read.gml.Rd man/sprt.Rd man/jnt.Rd man/hierar.Rd man/coor.Rd man/convert.Rd man/signed.Rd man/decomp.Rd man/men.Rd man/iinc.Rd man/multiplex-package.Rd man/write.dl.Rd man/expos.Rd man/diagram.Rd man/neighb.Rd man/flt.Rd man/swp.Rd man/ltlw.Rd man/ man/ man/semiring.Rd man/edgeT.Rd man/print.gml.Rd man/isom.Rd man/dhc.Rd man/dichot.Rd man/reducs.Rd man/cngr.Rd man/perm.Rd man/as.strings.Rd man/incubs.Rd man/prev.Rd man/bundles.Rd man/read.dl.Rd man/bnd.Rd man/semigroup.Rd man/rbox.Rd man/partial.order.Rd man/mnplx.Rd man/ngbs.Rd man/fltr.Rd man/diagram.levels.Rd man/strings.Rd man/relabel.Rd man/galois.Rd man/as.semigroup.Rd man/cph.Rd man/rm.isol.Rd man/

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