Man pages for multiplex
Algebraic Tools for the Analysis of Multiple Social Networks

as.semigroupCoerce to a Semigroup Object
as.signedCoerce to a Signed Object
as.stringsCoerce an Object to a Strings Class
bndinternal function
bundle.censusBundle Census
bundlesBundle Class Patterns
cngrCongruence Relations
compsFind components in multiple networks
coorinternal function
cpathinternal function
cphCumulated Person Hierarchy
csclinternal function
decompDecomposition of a Semigroup Structure
dhcinternal function
diagramPlot a Hasse Diagram of a set of ordered relations
diagram.levelsLevels in the Lattice Diagram
dichotDichotomize data with a cutoff
edgeTEdge Table Generator
edgSinternal function
exposNetwork Exposure for Multiple Networks
factFactorization of semigroup structures
fltinternal function
fltrPrincipal filters
galoisGalois derivations between subsets
hierarPerson and Relation Hierarchy
incubsIncubator networks dataset
jntinternal function
meninternal function
mlvlConstructing multilevel structures
mmpinternal function
mnplxMake a multiple network as monoplex structure
multiplex-packageAlgebraic Tools for the Analysis of Multiple Social Networks
mxmninternal function
neighbNeighborhood of an actor or group of actors
ngbsinternal function
pacnetRead Output from Pacnet
partial.orderThe Partial Order of String relations or of Galois...
permArray Permutation
pfvnPathfinder valued network and triangle inequality
prevPreview of the Semigroup Construction
print.gmlinternal function
print.reducedinternal function
rboxConstruct the Relation-Box
read.dlRead 'dl' Files
read.gmlRead 'gml' Files
read.srtRead 'srt' Files
redlinternal function
reducReduce a matrix or array
reducsinternal function
rel.sysRelational System
rm.isolRemove Isolates
semigroupConstructing the Semigroup of Relations
semiringSemiring Structures for Balance Theory
signedSigned Network
sprtinternal function
stringsStrings of Relations
strnginternal function
summaryBundlesSummary of Bundle Classes
swpinternal function
tiinternal function
transfTransform Data from/to Matrix/List Formats
translinternal function
trnfinternal function
wordTThe Word Table of Relations
write.datWrite 'dat' Files
write.dlWrite 'dl' Files
write.gmlWrite 'gml' Files
write.srtWrite 'srt' Files
zbindCombine Arrays
zbndinternal function
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