munsell: Utilities for Using Munsell Colours

Provides easy access to, and manipulation of, the Munsell colours. Provides a mapping between Munsell's original notation (e.g. "5R 5/10") and hexadecimal strings suitable for use directly in R graphics. Also provides utilities to explore slices through the Munsell colour tree, to transform Munsell colours and display colour palettes.

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AuthorCharlotte Wickham <>
Date of publication2016-02-13 00:46:00
MaintainerCharlotte Wickham <>
LicenseMIT + file LICENSE

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check_mnsl Man page
chroma_slice Man page
complement Man page
complement_slice Man page
darker Man page
desaturate Man page
fix_mnsl Man page
hue_slice Man page
hvc2mnsl Man page
in_gamut Man page
lighter Man page
mnsl Man page
mnsl2hex Man page
mnsl2hvc Man page
mnsl_hues Man page
munsell Man page
munsell-package Man page
package-munsell Man page
pbgyr Man page
plot_closest Man page
plot_hex Man page
plot_mnsl Man page
rgb2mnsl Man page
rygbp Man page
saturate Man page
seq_mnsl Man page
text_colour Man page
theme_munsell Man page
value_slice Man page

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