Man pages for munsell
Utilities for Using Munsell Colours

check_mnslChecks for valid Munsell colours
chroma_slicePlot all colours with the same chroma
complementFind the complement of a munsell colour
complement_sliceA vertical slice through the Munsell space
darkerMake a munsell colour darker
desaturateMake a munsell colour less saturated
fix_mnslFix an undefined Munsell colour
hue_slicePlot all colours with the same hue
hvc2mnslConverts a hue, chroma and value to a Munsell colour
in_gamutChecks if a Munsell colour is defined in RGB space
lighterMake a munsell colour lighter
mnslConverts a Munsell colour to hex
mnsl2hvcConverts a Munsell colour to a hue, chroma and value triplet
mnsl_huesMunsell hues
munsellMunsell colour system.
pbgyrChange the hue of a munsell colour
plot_closestPlot closest Munsell colour to an sRGB colour
plot_hexPlot hex colours
plot_mnslPlot a munsell colour
rgb2mnslConverts an sRGB colour to Munsell
rygbpChange the hue of a munsell colour
saturateMake a munsell colour more saturated
seq_mnslGenerate a sequence of Munsell colours
text_colourGet text colour
theme_munsellDefault munsell plot theme
value_slicePlot all colours with the same value
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