munsell: Munsell colour system.

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This package makes it easy to access and manipulate the colours in the munsell colour system. The conversion from munsell specifications to sRGB based on the renotation data from which is a digitization of Table 1 in Newhall, Nickerson & Judd (1943). The code for conversion can be found in the package directory in inst/raw/getmunsellmap.r


S. M. Newhall, D. Nickerson, and D. B. Judd. Final report of the O.S.A. subcommittee on the spacing of the munsell colors. J. Opt. Soc. Am., 33(7):385-411, 07 1943.

Munsell Renotation Data, RIT Munsell Color Science Laboratory.

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