Man pages for mvdalab
Multivariate Data Analysis Laboratory

acfplotPlot of Auto-correlation Funcion
ap.plotActual versus Predicted Plot and Residuals versus Predicted
bca.cisBias-corrected and Accelerated Confidence Intervals
bidiagpls.fitBidiag2 PLS
BiPlotGenerates a biplot from the output of an 'mvdareg' and...
boot.plotsPlots of the Output of a Bootstrap Simulation for an...
coefficientsExtract Summary Information Pertaining to the Coefficients...
coefficients.bootsBCa Summaries for the coefficient of an mvdareg object
coefficientsplot2D2-Dimensionsl Graphical Summary Information Pertaining to the...
coef.mvdaregExtract Information From a plsFit Model
coefsplotGraphical Summary Information Pertaining to the Regression...
CollegeData for College Level Examination Program and the College...
contr.nietsCell Means Contrast Matrix
ellipse.mvdalabEllipses, Data Ellipses, and Confidence Ellipses
imputeBasicNaive imputation of missing values.
imputeEMExpectation Maximization (EM) for imputation of missing...
imputeQsQuartile Naive Imputation of Missing Values
imputeRoughNaive Imputation of Missing Values for Dummy Variable Model...
introNAsIntroduce NA's into a Dataframe
jk.after.bootJackknife After Bootstrap
loadingsSummary Information Pertaining to the Bootstrapped Loadings
loadings.bootsBCa Summaries for the loadings of an mvdareg object
loadingsplotGraphical Summary Information Pertaining to the Loadings
loadingsplot2D2-Dimensionsl Graphical Summary Information Pertaining to the...
mewmaGenerates a Hotelling's T2 Graph of the Multivariate...
model.matrix.mvdalab'model.matrix' creates a design (or model) matrix.
MultCapabilityPrincipal Component Based Multivariate Process Capability...
MVcisCalculate Hotelling's T2 Confidence Intervals
MVCompTraditional Multivariate Mean Vector Comparison
mvdabootBootstrapping routine for 'mvdareg' objects
mvdalab-package-titleMultivariate Data Analysis Laboratory (mvdalab)
mvdalooLeave-one-out routine for 'mvdareg' objects
mvrnorm.svdSimulate from a Multivariate Normal, Poisson, Exponential, or...
my.dummy.dfCreate a Design Matrix with the Desired Constrasts
no.interceptDelete Intercept from Model Matrix
pcaFitPrincipal Component Analysis
pca.nipalsPCA with the NIPALS algorithm
PEPercent Explained Variation of X
PentaPenta data set
perc.cisPercentile Bootstrap Confidence Intervals
plot.cpPlotting Function for Score Contributions.
plot.mvcompPlot of Multivariate Mean Vector Comparison
plot.mvdaregGeneral plotting function for 'mvdareg' and 'mvdapaca'...
plot.plusminus2D Graph of the PCA scores associated with a plusminusFit
plot.R2sPlot of R2
plot.smcPlotting function for Significant Multivariate Correlation
plot.srPlotting function for Selectivity Ratio.
plot.wrtplsPlots of the Output of a Permutation Distribution for an...
plsFitPartial Least Squares Regression
plusMinusDatplusMinusDat data set
plusminus.fitPlusMinus (Mas-o-Menos)
plusminusFitPlus-Minus (Mas-o-Menos) Classifier
plusminus.looLeave-one-out routine for 'plusminus' objects
predict.mvdaregModel Predictions From a plsFit Model
print.mvdalabPrint Methods for mvdalab Objects
print.plusminusPrint Methods for plusminus Objects
proCrustesComparison of n-point Configurations vis Procrustes Analysis
R2sCross-validated R2, R2 for X, and R2 for Y for PLS models
ScoreContribGenerates a score contribution plot
scoresplot2D Graph of the scores
SeqimputeEMSequential Expectation Maximization (EM) for imputation of...
smcSignificant Multivariate Correlation
smc.acfTestTest of the Residual Significant Multivariate Correlation...
srSelectivity Ratio
T2Generates a Hotelling's T2 Graph
Wang_ChenBivariate process data.
Wang_Chen_SimSimulated process data from a plastics manufacturer.
weight.bootsBCa Summaries for the weights of an mvdareg object
weightsExtract Summary Information Pertaining to the Bootstrapped...
weightsplotExtract Graphical Summary Information Pertaining to the...
weightsplot2DExtract a 2-Dimensional Graphical Summary Information...
wrtpls.fitWeight Randomization Test PLS
XresidsGenerates a Graph of the X-residuals
XresidualContribGenerates the squared prediction error contributions and...
y.loadingsExtract Summary Information Pertaining to the y-loadings
y.loadings.bootsExtract Summary Information Pertaining to the y-loadings
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