Man pages for mvngGrAd
Moving Grid Adjustment in Plant Breeding Field Trials

circularExtensionCircular extension of the grid
entryDataFunction to extract entry information
entryData-methodsMethods for Function entryData
extendHorVerVertical and horizontal extension of the grid ('cross shape')
fitted-methodsMethods for Function fitted in Package "stats"
movG-classClass "movG"
movingGridMoving Grid Adjustment In Plant Breeding Field Trials
movingMeanFunction to extract the moving means from the object
movingMean-methodsMethods for Function movingMean
mvngGrAd-packageR Package mvngGrAd: Moving Grid Adjustment In Plant Breeding...
residuals-methodsMethods for Function residuals in Package 'stats'
show-methodsMethods for Function show in Package 'methods'
sketchGridFunction to aid with grid design
sketchGrid-methodsMethods for Function sketchGrid in Package "mvngGrAd"
summary-methodsMethods for Function summary in Package "base"
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