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R Package mvngGrAd: Moving Grid Adjustment In Plant Breeding Field Trials


The mvngGrAd package allows to perform a moving grid adjustment in plant breeding field trials. Please see the included vignette for a more detailed description of the package and the rational behind moving grid adjustment.


Package: mvngGrAd
Type: Package
Version: 0.1.5
Date: 2023-10-09
License: GNU General Public License Version 2, June 1991
LazyLoad: no

The main function, movingGrid, performs the adjustment with a user designed grid. The function sketchGrid helps with designing the grid by plotting its shape. The functions fitted, movingMean and entryData are convenience functions to extract the most relevant information from the object created by movingGrid. The package defines one new class, movG, and provides methods for it for the functions, movingMean, entryData, fitted, summary, show and residuals.




Frank Technow

Maintainer: Frank Technow

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