Man pages for nanotime
Nanosecond-Resolution Time Support for R

all.equal.nanodurationTest if Two Objects are (Nearly) Equal
all.equal.nanoivalTest if Two Objects are (Nearly) Equal
all.equal.nanoperiodTest if Two Objects are (Nearly) Equal
all.equal.nanotimeTest if Two Objects are (Nearly) Equal
is.unsorted-nanoival-methodTest if a 'nanoival' vector is Not Sorted
nanodurationDuration type with nanosecond precision
nanoivalInterval type with nanosecond precision
nanoperiodPeriod type with nanosecond precision
nanoperiod.monthNanoperiod accessors
nanotimeNanosecond resolution datetime functionality
nano_yearGet a component of a date time
rep-nanoduration-methodReplicate Elements
rep-nanoival-methodReplicate Elements
rep-nanoperiod-methodReplicate Elements
rep-nanotime-methodReplicate Elements
roundingRounding down or up a 'nanotime' type
seq.nanodurationSequence Generation
seq-nanoival-methodSequence Generation
seq.nanotimeSequence Generation
set_operationsSet operations
sort-nanoival-methodSorting or Ordering Vectors
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