interactions: Social interaction data set

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A synthetic data set of standardized, directed interactions between 25 students in a seventh grade class.


A data set with four variables. Includes the true parameters.


25 x 25 x 5 numeric array of directed relations


25 x 25 x 5 numeric array of binary indictors


25 x 25 x 5 numeric array of standardized absolute difference in indicated interest in each subject area


Numeric vector of length 7 that contains true coefficients. The first two (value 1) pertain to shared_project and grade_difference_abs. The last three are separate intercepts for each observation of the network.


3000 x 3000 numeric matrix: the true covariance matrix of the errors.


2x6 numeric matrix: true parameters of covariance matrix.


We generated a symthetic data set form a true linear model with jointly exchangeable errors. The interactions (the outcomes) between 25 students represent normalized, directed relations between them in 5 different contexts (texts). The observation could be, for instance, the standardized number of characters texted from one student to another over a month pertaining to five subjects: school, friends, family, significant others, and popular culture. The first covariate, xbinary, indicates whether both students indicated in a survey that they were interested in each topic. The second covariate, xabs, measures the absolute, standardized difference in number of characters in total texts of each student of each subject area.



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