networkTomography: Tools for network tomography

networkTomography implements the methods developed and evaluated in Blocker and Airoldi (2011) and Airoldi and Blocker (2012). These include the authors' own dynamic multilevel model with calibration based upon a Gaussian state-space model in addition to implementations of the methods of Tebaldi & West (1998; Poisson-Gamma model with MCMC sampling), Zhang et al. (2002; tomogravity), Cao et al. (2000; Gaussian model with mean-variance relation), and Vardi (1996; method of moments). Data from the 1router network of Cao et al. (2000), the Abilene network of Fang et al. (2007), and the CMU network of Blocker and Airoldi (2011) are included for testing and reproducibility.

AuthorAlexander W Blocker, Paul Koullick, Edoardo Airoldi
Date of publication2014-01-10 07:28:23
MaintainerAlexander W Blocker <>

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Man pages

abilene: Abilene data from Fang et al. (2007)

agg: Function to aggregate results from matrix to matrix

bayesianDynamicFilter: Function for inference with multilevel state-space model

bell.labs: Bell Labs 1router data from Cao et al. (2000)

buildPrior: Construct prior from calibration model estimates

buildRoutingMat: Build routing matrices for linked star topologies; that is, a...

buildRoutingMatrix: Build routing matrix from table of link relationships

buildStarMat: Build routing matrix for star network topology

calcN: Compute total traffic from a particular time.

calibration_ssm: Estimation for the linear SSM calibration model of Blocker &...

cmu: CMU data from Blocker & Airoldi (2011)

decomposeA: Compute pivoted decomposition of routing matrix A into...

diag_ind: Make vector of 1-dimensional diagonal indices for square...

diag_mat: Make diagonal matrix from vector

dobj.dxt.tomogravity: Analytic gradient of objective function of Zhang et al. 2003

getActive: Check for deterministically-known OD flows at single time

getSrcDstIndices: Find indices of source and destination for each...

grad_iid: Compute analytic gradient of Q-function for locally IID EM...

grad_smoothed: Compute analytic gradient of Q-function for smoothed EM...

gravity: Run tomogravity estimation on complete time series of... Gravity estimation for a single time point

ipfp: Function to run basic IPFP (iterative proportional fitting...

llCalibration: Evaluate marginal log-likelihood for calibration SSM

locally_iid_EM: Run EM algorithm to obtain MLE for locally IID model of Cao...

m_estep: Compute conditional expectations for EM algorithms of Cao et...

mle_filter: Filtering & smoothing at MLE for calibration SSM

move_step: Move step of sample-resample-move algorithm for multilevel...

obj.tomogravity: Objective function of Zhang et al. 2003

phi_init: Simple initialization for phi in model of Cao et al. (2000)

Q_iid: Q function for locally IID EM algorithm of Cao et al. (2000)

Q_smoothed: Q function for smoothed EM algorithm of Cao et al. (2000)

R_estep: Compute conditional covariance matrix for EM algorithms of...

smoothed_EM: Run EM algorithm to obtain MLE (single time) for smoothed...

strphour: Convert time string to decimal hour

thin: Thinning vector of indices for MCMC

tomogravity: Run tomogravity estimation on complete time series of... Tomogravity estimation for a single time point using L-BFGS-B

twMCMC: Function to run MCMC sampling for model of Tebaldi & West...

vardi.algorithm: Run algorithm of Vardi (1996) given B and S matrices

vardi.compute.BS: Compute B and S matrices in algorithm of Vardi (1996)

vardi.iteration: Execute single iteration for algorithm of Vardi (1996)

Files in this package

networkTomography/R/parseTopology.R networkTomography/R/caoEtAl.R networkTomography/R/twMCMC.R networkTomography/R/ssmMle.R networkTomography/R/data.R networkTomography/R/ipfp.R networkTomography/R/tomogravity.R networkTomography/R/ssmMCMC.R networkTomography/R/lib.R networkTomography/R/vardi.algorithm.R networkTomography/R/gravity.R networkTomography/R/imports.R
networkTomography/man/ networkTomography/man/buildRoutingMat.Rd networkTomography/man/strphour.Rd networkTomography/man/Q_iid.Rd networkTomography/man/diag_mat.Rd networkTomography/man/gravity.Rd networkTomography/man/ networkTomography/man/buildRoutingMatrix.Rd networkTomography/man/llCalibration.Rd networkTomography/man/dobj.dxt.tomogravity.Rd networkTomography/man/m_estep.Rd networkTomography/man/calibration_ssm.Rd networkTomography/man/Q_smoothed.Rd networkTomography/man/tomogravity.Rd networkTomography/man/grad_iid.Rd networkTomography/man/vardi.iteration.Rd networkTomography/man/R_estep.Rd networkTomography/man/move_step.Rd networkTomography/man/smoothed_EM.Rd networkTomography/man/getSrcDstIndices.Rd networkTomography/man/twMCMC.Rd networkTomography/man/ipfp.Rd networkTomography/man/bell.labs.Rd networkTomography/man/bayesianDynamicFilter.Rd networkTomography/man/getActive.Rd networkTomography/man/diag_ind.Rd networkTomography/man/calcN.Rd networkTomography/man/locally_iid_EM.Rd networkTomography/man/agg.Rd networkTomography/man/thin.Rd networkTomography/man/obj.tomogravity.Rd networkTomography/man/cmu.Rd networkTomography/man/phi_init.Rd networkTomography/man/mle_filter.Rd networkTomography/man/decomposeA.Rd networkTomography/man/grad_smoothed.Rd networkTomography/man/vardi.algorithm.Rd networkTomography/man/buildStarMat.Rd networkTomography/man/abilene.Rd networkTomography/man/buildPrior.Rd networkTomography/man/vardi.compute.BS.Rd

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