abilene: Abilene data from Fang et al. (2007)

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Data from the 12 node Abilene network from Fang et al. (2007). Both the OD flows and the topology correspond to the actual network. This is the X1 dataset from the given paper.




The list abilene, which contains several objects:

In this data, we have A %*% t(X) == t(Y) and A.full %*% t(X) == t(Y.full)


The list abilene contains the following:


J. Fang, Y. Vardi, and C.-H. Zhang. An iterative tomogravity algorithm for the estimation of network traffic. In R. Liu, W. Strawderman, and C.-H. Zhang, editors, Complex Datasets and Inverse Problems: Tomography, Networks and Beyond, volume 54 of Lecture Notes-Monograph Series. IMS, 2007.

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