bell.labs: Bell Labs 1router data from Cao et al. (2000)

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Data from 4-node network with star topology collected from Bell Labs; used in Cao et al. (2000).




The list bell.labs, which contains several objects:

  • A, the routing matrix for this network (truncated for full row rank)

  • df, a data.frame with all data

  • X, a matrix of origin-destination flows formatted for analysis

  • Y, a matrix of link loads formatted for analysis

  • tvec, a vector of times

In this data, we have A %*% t(X) == t(Y).


The list bell.labs contains the following:

  • The routing matrix A. The columns of this matrix correspond to individual OD flows (the columns of X), and its rows correspond to individual link loads (the columns of Y).

  • The data.frame df, containing

    • value, level of traffic recorded

    • nme, name of flow or load

    • method, whether flow was directly observered or inferred (all observed)

    • time, time of observation

    • od, flag for origin-destination vs. link loads

    • orig, origin of flow or load

    • dest, destination of flow or load

    • node, node involved in flow or load

  • The OD matrix X. Columns correspond to individual OD flows, and the rows correspond to observations.

  • The link load matrix Y. Columns of the Y matrix correspond to individual link loads, and the rows correspond to observations.

  • The vector tvec, containing the time in decimal hours since midnight for each observation.


J. Cao, D. Davis, S. Van Der Viel, and B. Yu. Time-varying network tomography: router link data. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 95:1063-75, 2000.

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