Man pages for neuropsychology
Toolbox for Psychologists, Neuropsychologists and Neuroscientists

APAzeAPA6-ready output for (g)lm , (g)lmer objects and Bayes...
ASQ_subjective_mood_disorderSubjectively reported mood disorder detection based on the...
assessCompare a given score to a parent population.
braincloudDraw a brain shaped wordcloud.
cortableCorrelation plot and table with significance stars.
describeDescription of dataframes.
dprimeCalculates Signal Detection Theory indices.
extract_textExtract text from PDFs.
fa_loadingsFormat the loadings of a factor analysis.
format_pFormat the p value using APA6 standards.
interpretInterpretation help for AIC and BIC.
masksThe masks used in textcloud
modelsModels of machine learning.
n_coloursReturns a vector of colours
odds_to_probsOdds to probabilities transformation.
personalityA dataframe with personality data
select_factorsSubset a dataframe by keeping the factors.
select_numericSubset a dataframe by keeping the numeric variables.
specific_correlationsCorrelations Pairs According to Condition
theme_neuropsychologyA minimal theme for ggplot2.
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