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Download 'nflverse' Data

clean_homeawayClean Home/Away in dataframes into Team/Opponent dataframes
clean_player_namesCreate Player Merge Names
clean_team_abbrsStandardize NFL Team Abbreviations
clear_cacheClear function cache
csv_from_urlLoad .csv / .csv.gz file from a remote connection
dictionary_combineData Dictionary: Combine
dictionary_contractsData Dictionary: Contracts
dictionary_depth_chartsData Dictionary: Depth Charts
dictionary_draft_picksData Dictionary: Draft Picks
dictionary_espn_qbrData Dictionary: ESPN QBR
dictionary_ff_opportunityData Dictionary: Expected Fantasy Points
dictionary_ff_playeridsData Dictionary: Fantasy Player IDs
dictionary_ff_rankingsData Dictionary: Fantasy Football Rankings
dictionary_injuriesData Dictionary: Injuries
dictionary_nextgen_statsData Dictionary: Next Gen Stats
dictionary_participationData Dictionary: Participation
dictionary_pbpData Dictionary: Play by Play
dictionary_pfr_passingData Dictionary: PFR Passing
dictionary_player_statsData Dictionary: Player Stats
dictionary_rostersData Dictionary: Rosters
dictionary_schedulesData Dictionary: Schedules
dictionary_snap_countsData Dictionary: Snap Counts
dictionary_tradesData Dictionary: Trades
get_current_weekGet Current Week
join_coalesceCoalescing join
latest_seasonGet Latest Season
load_combineLoad Combine Data from PFR
load_contractsLoad Historical Player Contracts from
load_depth_chartsLoad Weekly Depth Charts
load_draft_picksLoad Draft Picks from PFR
load_espn_qbrLoad ESPN's QBR
load_ff_opportunityLoad Expected Fantasy Points
load_ff_playeridsLoad Fantasy Player IDs
load_ff_rankingsLoad Latest FantasyPros Rankings
load_from_urlLoad any rds/csv/csv.gz/parquet/qs file from a remote URL
load_injuriesLoad Injury Reports
load_nextgen_statsLoad Player Level Weekly NFL Next Gen Stats
load_officialsLoad Officials
load_participationLoad Participation Data
load_pbpLoad Play By Play
load_pfr_advstatsLoad Advanced Stats from PFR
load_pfr_passingLoad Advanced Passing Stats from PFR
load_playersLoad Players
load_player_statsLoad Player Level Weekly Stats
load_rostersLoad Rosters
load_rosters_weeklyLoad Weekly Rosters
load_schedulesLoad Game/Schedule Data
load_snap_countsLoad Snap Counts from PFR
load_teamsLoad NFL Team Graphics, Colors, and Logos
load_tradesLoad Trades
nflreadr-packagenflreadr: Download 'nflverse' Data
nflverse_data-classnflverse data class
nflverse_downloadBulk download utilities via piggyback
nflverse_game_idCompute nflverse Game Identifiers
nflverse_releasesList all available nflverse releases
parquet_from_urlLoad .parquet file from a remote connection
player_name_mappingAlternate player name mappings
qs_from_urlLoad .qs file from a remote connection
raw_from_urlLoad raw filedata from a remote connection
rbindlist_with_attrsrbindlist but maintain attributes of last file
rds_from_urlLoad .rds file from a remote connection
sitrepGet a Situation Report on System, nflverse/ffverse Package...
team_abbr_mappingAlternate team abbreviation mappings
team_abbr_mapping_norelocateAlternate team abbreviation mappings, no relocation
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