getBound: Get value of bound of a stochastic node in a model

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getBoundR Documentation

Get value of bound of a stochastic node in a model


Get the value of the lower or upper bound for a single stochastic node in a model.


getBound(model, node, bound, nodeFunctionIndex)



A NIMBLE model object


The name of a stochastic node in the model


Either 'lower' or 'upper' indicating the desired bound for the node


For internal NIMBLE use only


Standard usage is as a method of a model, in the form model$getBound(node, bound), but the usage as a simple function with the model as the first argument as above is also allowed.

For nodes that do not involve truncation of the distribution this will return the lower or upper bound of the distribution, which may be a constant or for a limited number of distributions a parameter or functional of a parameter (at the moment in NIMBLE, the only case where a bound is a parameter is for the uniform distribution. For nodes that are truncated, this will return the desired bound, which may be a functional of other quantities in the model or may be a constant.

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