Man pages for nivm
Noninferiority Tests with Variable Margins

brkControlArguments for Algorithm Control for 'brkTest'.
brkTestBarnard-Rohmel-Kieser Test
findPowerRGet power from 'brkTest').
fmecTestOdds Ratio/Difference Non-inferiority tests
getfx2Internal functions for 'nicqTest'.
getimaxpowerGet i that maiximizes power when F1=F2 for a specified g...
internalRKInternal functions used for tests from Rohmel and Kieser (...
nicqControlFunction that returns a list of algorithm controls for nicq
nicqTestNon-inferiority control quantile test
nimDiffORVariable margin functions
nivm-packageNon-inferiority Tests with Variable Margins
powerNicqTestPower or Sample Size for Non-inferiority Control Quantile...
print.brkPrint Method for 'brk' or 'nicq' Object.
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