Man pages for nlmeU
Datasets and Utility Functions Enhancing Functionality of 'nlme' Package

armdarmd Data (867 x 8)
armd0armd0 Data (1107 x 8)
armd.widearmd.wide Data (240 x 10)
fcatfcat Data (4851 x 3)
logLik1Calculates contribution of one subject to the log-likelihood
logLik1.lmeCalculates contribution of one subject to the log-likelihood...
missPatExtract pattern of missing data
nlmeU-packageDatasets and auxiliary functions for Galecki and Burzykowski...
prtprt Data (2471 x 9)
prt.fiberprt.fiber Data (2471 x 5)
prt.subjectsprt.subjects Data (63 x 5)
PwrCalculates power based on a model fit
Pwr.lmePerforms power calculations
runScriptExecutes scripts from GB book
sigmaExtract scale parameter sigma from a model fit
SIIdataSIIdata Data (1190 x 12)
simulateYSimulates values of the dependent variable based on a model...
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