prt.subjects: prt.subjects Data (63 x 5)

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Data prt.subjects ...


The prt.subjects data frame has 63 rows and 5 columns


a factor with 63 levels 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, ...


a factor with 2 levels High, Low


a factor with 2 levels Young, Old


a factor with 2 levels Female, Male


a numeric vector with values from 18.4 to 32.3


The working hypothesis was that a 12-week program of PRT would increase: (a) the power output of the overall musculature associated with movements of the ankles, knees, and hips; (b) the cross-sectional area and the force and power of permeabilized single fibers obtained from the vastus lateralis muscle; and (c) the ability of young and elderly men and women to safely arrest standardized falls. The training consisted of repeated leg extensions by shortening contractions of the leg extensor muscles against a resistance that was increased as the subject trained using a specially designed apparatus


Claflin, D.R., Larkin, L.M., Cederna, P.S., Horowitz, J.F., Alexander, N.B., Cole, N.M., Galecki, A.T., Chen, S., Nyquist, L.V., Carlson, B.M., Faulkner, J.A., & Ashton-Miller, J.A. (2011) Effects of high- and low-velocity resistance training on the contractile properties of skeletal muscle fibers from young and older humans. Journal of Applied Physiology, 111, 1021-1030.



Example output

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       id      prt.f      age.f       sex.f         bmi       
 5      : 1   High:31   Young:30   Female:34   Min.   :18.37  
 10     : 1   Low :32   Old  :33   Male  :29   1st Qu.:23.00  
 15     : 1                                    Median :24.77  
 20     : 1                                    Mean   :24.90  
 25     : 1                                    3rd Qu.:26.86  
 35     : 1                                    Max.   :32.29  

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