Man pages for nnTensor
Non-Negative Tensor Decomposition

GabrielNMFGabriel-type Bi-Cross-Validation for Non-negative Matrix...
jNMFJoint Non-negative Matrix Factorization Algorithms (jNMF)
kFoldMaskTensorMask tensors generator to perform k-fold cross validation
NMFNon-negative Matrix Factorization Algorithms (NMF)
NMTFNon-negative Matrix Tri-Factorization Algorithms (NMTF)
nnTensor-packageNon-Negative Tensor Decomposition
NTDNon-negative Tucker Decomposition Algorithms (NTD)
NTFNon-negative CP Decomposition Algorithms (NTF)
plot.NMFPlot function of the result of NMF function
plotTensor2DPlot function for visualization of matrix data structure
plotTensor3DPlot function for visualization of tensor data structure
recTensorTensor Reconstruction from core tensor (S) and factor...
siNMFSimultaneous Non-negative Matrix Factorization Algorithms...
toyModelToy model data for using NMF, NTF, and NTD
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