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Number-Theoretic Functions

agmArithmetic-geometric Mean
bellBell Numbers
bernoulliBernoulli Numbers
carmichaelCarmichael Numbers
catalanCatalan Numbers
cf2numGeneralized Continous Fractions
chineseChinese Remainder Theorem
collatzCollatz Sequences
contFracContinous Fractions
divInteger Division
divisorsList of Divisors
droplet_eDroplet Algorithm for pi and e
egyptian_completeEgyptian Fractions - Complete Search
egyptian_methodsEgyptian Fractions - Specialized Methods
eulersPhiEulers's Phi Function
extGCDExtended Euclidean Algorithm
factorizePrime Factors
fibonacciFibonacci and Lucas Series
GCDGCD and LCM Integer Functions
hermiteHermite Normal Form
inthrootInteger N-th Root
IsIntpowerPowers of Integers
isNaturalNatural Number
isprimeisPrime Property
isPrimrootPrimitive Root Test
legendre_symLegendre and Jacobi Symbol
mersenneMersenne Numbers
modModulo Operator
modinvModular Inverse and Square Root
modlinModular Linear Equation Solver
modlogModular (or: Discrete) Logarithm
modpowerPower Function modulo m
moebiusMoebius Function
necklaceNecklace and Bracelet Functions
nextprimeNext Prime
numbers-packageNumber-Theoretic Functions
omegaNumber of Prime Factors
ordpnOrder in Faculty
pascalPascal Triangle
previousPrimePrevious Prime
primesPrime Numbers
primrootPrimitive Root
pythagoreanPythagorean Triples
quadratic_residuesQuadratic Residues
rabinMiller-Rabin Test
ratFareyFarey Approximation and Series
remInteger Remainder
sigmaDivisor Functions
stern_brocotStern-Brocot Sequence
twinprimesTwin Primes
zeckZeckendorf Representation
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