Man pages for numform
Tools to Format Numbers for Publication

alignmentDetect Column Alignment
as_factorConvert Select 'numform' Outputs to Factor
f_12_hourFormat 12 Hour Times
f_abbreviationAbbreviate Strings
f_affirmYes/No Convert Logical/Dummy Code
f_affixAdd String Affixes
f_binConvert Binned Intervals to Readable Form
f_commaComma Format Large Integers
f_dataConvert and Abbreviate Units of Data.
f_data_abbreviationConvert Data (byte) Labels to an Abbreviated Form
f_dateFormat Dates
f_degreeFormat Degrees (e.g., Temperature, Coordinates)
f_denomAbbreviate Numbers
f_dollarFormat Dollars
f_listFormat List Series
f_logicalTrue/False Convert Logical/Dummy Code
f_monthFormat Months to One Letter Abbreviation
f_numFormat Digits
f_ordinalAdd Ordinal Suffixes (-st, -nd, -rd, -th) to Numbers
f_pad_zeroPad Numbers with Leading Zeros
f_parenthesisParenthesis Formatting of Two Vectors
f_percentFormat Percentages
f_pvalFormat P-Values
f_quarterFormat Quarters
f_replaceReplace Characters in Strings
f_signFormat Numeric Signs
f_stateFormat State Names as Abbreviations
f_text_barFormat Text Based Bar Plots
f_titleConvert First Letter of Words to Title Case
fv_num_percentConvert a Numeric Vector to Number and Parenthetical...
fv_percentConvert a Numeric Vector to Percentages
fv_percent_diffPercent Difference
fv_percent_leadPercent Difference
fv_runsRemove Subsequent Runs from a Vector
f_weekdayFormat Weekdays to One Letter Abbreviation
f_wrapWrap Strings
f_yearFormat Years
highlight_cellsHighlight Cells
numformTools to Format Numbers for Publication
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
time_digitsCompute Digits Needed for Quarter Hour Time Vector
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