Man pages for oceanis
Cartography for Statistical Analysis

add_fond_osmAdd an OpenStreetMap background on a 'leaflet' map
add_legendeAdd a legend on a 'leaflet' map
add_source_titreAdd a source or title on a 'leaflet' map
calcul_variable_classesCalculating a class variable
coord_legendeReturns the lon / lat coordinates of a 'leaflet' map's legend
coordonnees_etiquettesData table of labels
distrib_variableHistogram of the distribution of the class variable
donneesExamples of data
export_imageExport a 'leaflet' map in image format
export_qgisExport a 'leaflet' map to Qgis project
largeur_flecheWidth of the arrow for 'leaflet' maps
leafletCreation 'leaflet' maps
oceanis-packageCartography for Statistical Analysis
plotCreation maps in plot
rapport_rondsRatio between radius and value for 'leaflet' maps
rayon_rondsRadius of the largest circle for 'leaflet' maps
recup_paletteReturns a palette of the graphic chart of INSEE
set_couleurModify the colors of 'leaflet' map's analysis
set_opacite_elargiModify the opacity of the expanded representation of a...
set_style_oursinsModify the style of 'leaflet' map's urchins
shinyCreation 'leaflet' maps in a 'shiny' web environment
zonage_a_faconCreating a custom zoning
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