odds.converter: Betting Odds Conversion

Conversion between the most common odds types for sports betting. Hong Kong odds, US odds, Decimal odds, Indonesian odds, Malaysian odds, and raw Probability are covered in this package.

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AuthorMarco Blume
Date of publication2017-01-22 11:25:19
MaintainerMarco Blume <marco.blume@pinnaclesports.com>

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Man pages

odds.dec2all: Convert Decimal Odds to all other formats

odds.dec2hk: Convert Decimal Odds to Hong Kong odds

odds.dec2indo: Convert Decimal Odds to Indonesian odds

odds.dec2malay: Convert Decimal Odds to Malaysian odds

odds.dec2prob: Convert Decimal Odds to Probabilities

odds.dec2us: Convert Decimal Odds to US Odds

odds.fv: Calculate the fair (vigorish free) odds for a vector of...

odds.hk2all: Convert Hong Kong Odds to all other formats

odds.hk2dec: Convert Hong Kong Odds to Decimal Odds

odds.hk2indo: Convert Hong Kong Odds to Indonesian Odds

odds.hk2malay: Convert Hong Kong Odds to Malaysian Odds

odds.hk2prob: Convert Hong Kong Odds to Probabilities

odds.hk2us: Convert Hong Kong Odds to US Odds

odds.indo2all: Convert Indonesian to all other formats

odds.indo2dec: Convert Indonesian odds to Decimal odds

odds.indo2hk: Convert Indonesian odds to Hong Kong odds

odds.indo2malay: Convert Indonesian odds to Malaysian odds

odds.indo2prob: Convert Indonesian odds to Probabilities

odds.indo2us: Convert Indonesian odds to US odds

odds.malay2all: Convert Malaysian Odds to all other formats

odds.malay2dec: Convert Malaysian odds to Decimal odds

odds.malay2hk: Convert Malaysian odds to Hong Kong odds

odds.malay2indo: Convert Malaysian odds to Indonesian odds

odds.malay2prob: Convert Malaysian odds to Probabilities

odds.malay2us: Convert Malaysian odds to US odds

odds.parlay: Transfer a vector to odds into correct parlay odds

odds.prob2all: Convert Probabilities to to all other formats

odds.prob2dec: Convert Probabilities to Decimal odds

odds.prob2hk: Convert Probabilities to Hong Kong odds

odds.prob2indo: Convert Probabilities to Indonesian odds

odds.prob2malay: Convert Probabilities to Malaysian odds

odds.prob2us: Convert Probabilities to US odds

odds.us2all: Convert US Odds to all other formats

odds.us2dec: Convert US odds to Decimal odds

odds.us2hk: Convert US odds to Hong Kong odds

odds.us2indo: Convert US odds to Indonesian odds

odds.us2malay: Convert US odds to Malaysian odds

odds.us2prob: Convert US odds to Probabilities


odds.dec2all Man page
odds.dec2hk Man page
odds.dec2indo Man page
odds.dec2malay Man page
odds.dec2prob Man page
odds.dec2us Man page
odds.fv Man page
odds.hk2all Man page
odds.hk2dec Man page
odds.hk2indo Man page
odds.hk2malay Man page
odds.hk2prob Man page
odds.hk2us Man page
odds.indo2all Man page
odds.indo2dec Man page
odds.indo2hk Man page
odds.indo2malay Man page
odds.indo2prob Man page
odds.indo2us Man page
odds.malay2all Man page
odds.malay2dec Man page
odds.malay2hk Man page
odds.malay2indo Man page
odds.malay2prob Man page
odds.malay2us Man page
odds.parlay Man page
odds.prob2all Man page
odds.prob2dec Man page
odds.prob2hk Man page
odds.prob2indo Man page
odds.prob2malay Man page
odds.prob2us Man page
odds.us2all Man page
odds.us2dec Man page
odds.us2hk Man page
odds.us2indo Man page
odds.us2malay Man page
odds.us2prob Man page

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