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Betting Odds Conversion

odds.dec2allConvert Decimal Odds to all other formats
odds.dec2hkConvert Decimal Odds to Hong Kong odds
odds.dec2indoConvert Decimal Odds to Indonesian odds
odds.dec2malayConvert Decimal Odds to Malaysian odds
odds.dec2probConvert Decimal Odds to Probabilities
odds.dec2usConvert Decimal Odds to US Odds
odds.fvCalculate the fair (vigorish free) odds for a vector of...
odds.hk2allConvert Hong Kong Odds to all other formats
odds.hk2decConvert Hong Kong Odds to Decimal Odds
odds.hk2indoConvert Hong Kong Odds to Indonesian Odds
odds.hk2malayConvert Hong Kong Odds to Malaysian Odds
odds.hk2probConvert Hong Kong Odds to Probabilities
odds.hk2usConvert Hong Kong Odds to US Odds
odds.indo2allConvert Indonesian to all other formats
odds.indo2decConvert Indonesian odds to Decimal odds
odds.indo2hkConvert Indonesian odds to Hong Kong odds
odds.indo2malayConvert Indonesian odds to Malaysian odds
odds.indo2probConvert Indonesian odds to Probabilities
odds.indo2usConvert Indonesian odds to US odds
odds.malay2allConvert Malaysian Odds to all other formats
odds.malay2decConvert Malaysian odds to Decimal odds
odds.malay2hkConvert Malaysian odds to Hong Kong odds
odds.malay2indoConvert Malaysian odds to Indonesian odds
odds.malay2probConvert Malaysian odds to Probabilities
odds.malay2usConvert Malaysian odds to US odds
odds.parlayTransfer a vector to odds into correct parlay odds
odds.prob2allConvert Probabilities to to all other formats
odds.prob2decConvert Probabilities to Decimal odds
odds.prob2hkConvert Probabilities to Hong Kong odds
odds.prob2indoConvert Probabilities to Indonesian odds
odds.prob2malayConvert Probabilities to Malaysian odds
odds.prob2usConvert Probabilities to US odds
odds.us2allConvert US Odds to all other formats
odds.us2decConvert US odds to Decimal odds
odds.us2hkConvert US odds to Hong Kong odds
odds.us2indoConvert US odds to Indonesian odds
odds.us2malayConvert US odds to Malaysian odds
odds.us2probConvert US odds to Probabilities
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