Man pages for omu
A Metabolomics Analysis Tool for Intuitive Figures and Convenient Metadata Collection

assign_hierarchyAssign hierarchy metadata
c57_nos2KO_mouse_countDFc57b6J nos2KO metabolomics count matrix
c57_nos2KO_mouse_metadatac57b6J nos2KO meta data
count_fold_changesGet counts for significant fold changes by metabolite class.
KEGG_gatherGather metadata from KEGG for metabolites
make_omeletteGet metadata from KEGG API
omu_anovaPerform anova Performs an anova across all response...
omu_summaryomu_summary Performs comparison of means between two...
PCA_plotCreate a PCA plot
pie_chartCreate a pie chart
plate_omeletteplate_omelette Internal method for KEGG_Gather
plate_omelette_rxnkoClean up orthology metadata
plot_barCreate a bar plot
plot_boxplotCreate a box plot
plot_heatmapCreate a heatmap
plot_volcanoCreate a volcano plot
ra_tableCreates a ratio table from the count_fold_changes function...
read_metaboImport a metabolomics count data frame
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