Man pages for openair
Tools for the Analysis of Air Pollution Data

aqStatsCalculate summary statistics for air pollution data by year
binDataBin data, calculate mean and bootstrap 95% confidence...
bootMeanDFBootsrap confidence intervals in the mean
calcFno2Estimate NO2/NOX emission ratios from monitoring data
calcPercentileCalculate percentile values from a time series
calendarPlotPlot time series values in convential calendar format
conditionalEvalConditional quantile estimates with additional variables for...
conditionalQuantileConditional quantile estimates for model evaluation
corPlotcorrgram plot with conditioning
cutDataFunction to split data in different ways for conditioning
drawOpenKeyScale key handling for openair
importGeneric data import for openair
importADMSCERC Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling System (ADMS) data...
importAURNAir Quality England Network data import for openair
importAURNCsvAURN csv file data import for openair
importEuropeImport air quality data from European database
importKCLImport data from King's College London networks
importMetaImport monitoring site meta data for the UK and European...
importTrajImport pre-calculated HYSPLIT 96-hour back trajectories
kernelExceedKernel density plot for daily mean exceedance statistics
linearRelationLinear relations between pollutants
modStatsCalculate common model evaluation statistics
mydataExample data for openair
openairTools for the analysis of air pollution data
openColoursopenair colours
percentileRoseFunction to plot percentiles by wind direction
polarAnnulusBivariate polarAnnulus plot
polarClusterK-means clustering of bivariate polar plots
polarDiffPolar plots considering changes in concentrations between two...
polarFreqFunction to plot wind speed/direction frequencies and other...
polarPlotFunction for plotting bivariate polar plots with smoothing.
quickTextAutomatic text formatting for openair
rollingMeanCalculate rollingMean values
scatterPlotFlexible scatter plots
selectByDateSubset a data frame based on date
selectRunningFunction to extract run lengths greater than a threshold
smoothTrendCalculate nonparametric smooth trends
splitByDateDivide up a data frame by time
summaryPlotFunction to rapidly provide an overview of air quality data
TaylorDiagramTaylor Diagram for model evaluation with conditioning
TheilSenTests for trends using Theil-Sen estimates
timeAverageFunction to calculate time averages for data frames
timePlotPlot time series
timePropTime series plot with categories shown as a stacked bar chart
timeVariationDiurnal, day of the week and monthly variation
trajClusterCalculate clusters for back tracectories
trajLevelTrajectory level plots with conditioning
trajPlotTrajectory line plots with conditioning
windRoseTraditional wind rose plot and pollution rose variation
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